Jan. 20, 2017


At the January Agenda Review and Action Sessions,
the Indianapolis Public Schools Board of School Commissioners will discuss
initiatives to increase equity in school funding, improve transportation
services and ensure a variety of opportunities for schools to foster student


This will be the first time the new
Board, with the addition of Commissioners Elizabeth Gore, Dorene Rodriguez
Hoops and Venita Moore, will take action on items proposed by IPS


Leaders from the IPS Finance Division
will share an update with Commissioners on our district’s Student-Based
Allocation (SBA) for school-level funding. IPS
Strategic Plan item 2.1 — announced in Fall 2015 — calls for a weighted student-funding
formula to promote equitable resource allocation. These SBAs will support
equity by distributing resources based on student need and support flexibility
by empowering principals to make smart decisions based on unique student needs.
Commissioners have previously approved the framework and suggested
weights for a funding formula.


The IPS Innovation Office will present
suggested enhancements to the criteria for Innovation Network Restart schools;
these enhancements were previously discussed with Commissioners in December
2016. As a strategic initiative to support success in consistently struggling
schools, the Restart framework includes proactive
levels of communication with school leaders, families and community members to
ensure school communities have the opportunity to engage in initiatives that
foster progress before a restart occurs.


The Operations Division will present
recommendations to Commissioners regarding a new three-tier transportation
schedule; the concept was first brought to the Board in April 2016 and
discussed with families and students in a series of town hall meetings. This revision to the current bus schedule would
facilitate increased efficiency in the use of our transportation resources,
with an estimated cost savings of $2 million annually. This schedule would
reduce the total number of buses required to transport all students and would
allow for more extracurricular transportation opportunities.


The upcoming Board sessions
take place at 6 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 24, and Thursday, Jan. 26, at the John
Morton-Finney Center for Educational Services, 120 E. Walnut St.