Principals and staff across the district were recently introduced to Allovue, a new education resource-planning tool that will empower them to strategically allocate their resources to better serve the needs of their students.


Founded by educators, the financial analysis platform, Balance from Allovue, will offer support to school leaders and help our district to  streamline budgets and accounting data into functional reports that will allow principals to connect their spending to student achievement.


“The end goal and tagline is student success is the bottom line, we want to make sure it is easy to review financial data so that principals can be free to think about the academic side of the equation as well as tie spending to outcomes and think more strategically,” said Rosayln Curato, Chief Customer Officer with Allovue.


Training on the financial tool was conducted  this week and the end result will garner around 250 active users throughout the district.


“[Allovue] gives users a real view of what their expenditures look like and how that matches up with their budget. Currently many schools are given their budget and aren’t able to track their own spending throughout the year without the [supports provided by central services, giving users] the tools to manage their own money,” said IPS Director of Special Projects in Finance, Marques Whitmire. 


Tactically aligning with district Core Commitments and Beliefs and IPS Strategic Plan 2015, this shift will allow the IPS central administration to serve as a better support system for teachers and schools throughout the district.  


We are continuously seeking ways to enhance business practices and are committed to ensuring excellence for our schools and the students and families we serve.