IPS has recently embarked on an initiative centered on racial equity to meet the needs of our families. Our partnership with the Racial Equity Institute (REI) has provided us with the training and guidance needed to increase our knowledge and elevate our understanding of racial disproportion.  The trainers of REI have devoted themselves to understanding racial disparity and are committed to creating racially equitable organizations. They provide the individuals and organizations with whom they work with an analysis of racism and its cultural roots, assistance in developing an anti-racism vision and recommendations as well as coaching in the principles and practices of racial equity.  “For me, this training is all about perspective—what I thought I knew versus what I need to know,” said Bridgette Robinson, IPS Director of Federal and Special Programs. “I truly believe this will contribute in our success of improving academic achievement. In order to teach, we must first learn!”


Our district-wide equity plans include:
  • Developing an equity team, trained and advised by REI, that will address equity issues throughout the district.
  • 10 pilot schools where REI will train staff members and community partners.
  • Youth trainers from REI who will educate youth leaders at the secondary school level.


In-depth information and updates on all of these initiatives can be found on the new Racial Equity webpage located on the district website. The new page will launch soon; we invite our community to read up about our progress and to join our efforts to end racism within our schools and community.