The new Indianapolis Public Schools Strategic Plan launching
this August will spur even more progress, achievement and growth throughout our
district. The Strategic Plan outlines concrete goals, objectives, strategies and
metrics in three areas: Teaching and Learning, Efficient Operations and Family
and Community.

“This is an exciting time in IPS! Soon we will share with
our internal community and the City of Indianapolis the amazing product
reflecting the hard work of our diverse drafting committees. We look forward to
a community-wide launch of our pathway to success. Expect to see all of the
innovation, streamlined efforts, support to schools and community focus that is
already becoming synonymous with myIPS,” said Chief Strategist Le Boler.

Here’s another preview of just some of what you’ll see
coming in this Strategic Plan.

Teaching and Learning

  • Increased participation and passing rates in
    honors and advanced placement courses
  • District-wide professional development
    opportunities for principals and teachers on increasing rigor in the classroom
  • Creation of a Master Teacher for Technology role
    in all schools

Efficient Operations

  • Weighted student formula created, training
    provided for principals and funds distributed to all schools
  • Technology refresh plan implemented for schools
    based upon per-pupil allotments
  • District recruitment program established that
    showcases the benefits of a career with IPS and increases the number of
    qualified candidates

Family and Community

  • Development of a parent enrollment and choice
    publication and an interactive web-based portal
  • Individual and corporate relationships leveraged
    by the district to increase philanthropic support and volunteerism
  • District-wide customer service excellence and a
    welcoming environment provided, promoted and ensured for all stakeholders

These are just some of the rewarding plans we’re
setting for the near future. This has been a community process from the start
as everyone in the district was invited to be a part of the drafting process.
Now we know everyone will want to be a part of making the goals in the new Strategic
Plan a reality for our students, families and community!