Dozens of future Center for Inquiry School 70 families joined Principal Chris Collier and members of the CFI community for an exciting night – a sneak peek of the site of the district’s newest CFI school!


Our popular Center for Inquiry (CFI) program is expanding to a fourth site next school year – Mary E. Nicholson School 70. Dozens of families gathered at the school on Wednesday night to get a first look at their future home and meet some of the staff members who will be joining them in this new adventure.


Christine Collier, current Principal of CFI 84, will lead our newest CFI beginning next school year. She greeted families and started the night off with a brief history of our CFI program. Center for Inquiry began in the early 1990s when a group of teachers developed a school model centered around the questions students have and focusing on the things they most want to learn. The program began serving grades K-5, but gained popularity and expanded to a K-8 school – once school leaders discovered the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum was a perfect fit for the CFI model, IPS became the site of the state’s first IB elementary and middle school programs. As families continued to gain interest in the model, CFI expanded to two additional sites, CFI 84 and later CFI 27.


“And now here we are,” Collier said to families, “ready to open our fourth school because you, the people who live in IPS, demand and want a great education for your children. You, through your demand and want, as shown by the CFI waitlist, have determined that CFI is one of those choices you wanted. We are proud as a district to offer you this fourth CFI.”


Collier and her leadership team will begin working toward IB authorization immediately; the certification process takes three years, but CFI 70 will operate with the IB curriculum from day one.


In addition to a tour of the building led by future CFI 70 staff members, families took part in several activities to get to know each other better. Parents filled out “hopes and dreams” clouds, which will be displayed to show the goals families have for their new school home. Students decorated handprints with pictures and words describing themselves and their interests to help the entire CFI community get to know their newest members better.


This is just the beginning of the adventure for CFI 70; be on the lookout for more events as the start of the 2016-2017 school year draws closer!