At the beginning of the 2015–2016 school year, IPS announced
our partnership with Naviance, a college
and career readiness online platform that helps to align student strengths and
goals. Offering many different tools, Naviance can lead to improved student
outcomes by preparing them for college and life after high school.


The newest tool
that has recently been rolled out to IPS families is the Naviance Course Planner.
It allows students to map out their entire high school career and choose a
diploma track of their preference (Core 40, Core 40 with Academic Honors, Core
40 with Technical Honors, General Diploma or International Baccalaureate).


“Each [diploma] track
shows the student how many credits are required for each subject area,” said
Tracy Pruitt, IPS Student Services coordinator. “They can mark classes of
interest and can track to make sure that they are getting enough credits in
each subject area. By using this tool, current freshman should have their four-year
plan done by the end of this school year.”


Naviance has
proven to be a helpful and resourceful tool for students, parents and staff


“As a counselor,
I like that Naviance allows me to access student records to check their
progress. Since I can look at their work, I can identify students who need
help,” said Mariam van Wesenbeeck, guidance counselor at Shortridge High


“Our junior class
is currently using Naviance for resume writing; they are finding it very user-friendly. The
students tell me that it is a great tool for them to collect and
organize all of their information about extra-curricular activities, awards,
jobs and projects.”


Supporting our
families is a foundation block within our core commitments and beliefs at IPS.
We want to see students reach their full potential, learn at high levels and
graduate prepared to succeed in school, career and life. For more information
about Naviance, contact your school counselor.