— Sept. 2, 2016



walking up the stairs and through the second floor hallway of Robert Lee Frost
School 106 every day and being greeted by Andrew Wyland’s “Ocean Adventure.”


large-scale mural, featuring varying shades of blue and green, accurately captures
life under the sea.


Marking the
walls of two schools in each state, Wyland chose Robert Lee Frost School 106 as
one of his many canvases. He is also the artist behind the large underwater
mural (called the Whaling Wall) on the north side of the John Morton Finney-Center
for Educational Services, which serves as the IPS administrative building.Mural 2


Wyland’s murals are just two of the countless works of art
that decorate the walls of many of our schools — both inside and outside.
Depicting everything from the joys of reading to larger-than-life images of
some of our schools’ namesakes, the murals are visually engaging and promote a
positive environment for our scholars.


Visual art is one of the most powerful forms of
communication. The colors and images have a way of captivating the viewer,
offering a sense of place, time, wonderment and often pride in a community. 


The arts are also a key component in academic success.
Research shows that study and classroom participation in fine arts is a key
component to improved learning in all academic areas.


“There is a general awareness of the importance of STEM
subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), but what good are all of
those skills without the creativity to put them to use?” said Tom Weidenbach,
art teacher at Center for Inquiry School 27. “We need to develop students who
look at problems in new and inventive ways. The arts allow for this development
of mind, imagination and spirit.”


show that arts and music education programs are mandatory in countries that
rank consistently among the highest for math and science test scores (Japan,
Hungary and the Netherlands). A strong arts curriculum builds skills that aid
students in the classroom and in life.


“Students whose minds are open to other perspectives will
bring that openness to their studies, thereby positively impacting their
academic achievement,” said Gail Fox, parent involvement educator at Arlington
Woods Elementary School 99. 


From the sea
to the African plains, IPS has a vast array of artistic expression throughout
our schools. These are made possible by many creative hands, but the
most special are those created by our students. We’re thankful for the many
community partners, students and artists that have made this possible and
played a hand in beautifying our schools. 

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