March 3, 2017



I am proud to be back this month to feature four more
amazing district teachers. Each teacher’s comments below are in response to my
question, “What are you excited about right now?” As you can tell by their
responses, we have passionate teachers in our district. Hopefully you can find
inspiration from them like I have!


Brandon Anderson,
Band Director, Arsenal Technical High School

“Over spring break, I will be taking the Tech Titan
Band to New York City for a cultural and historic tour. We are performing on
the USS Intrepid, seeing a Broadway
show, and going to many different historic sites. We have worked all year
to go and the students are thrilled for this opportunity.”


Jessica Smith, Math
Coach, Lew Wallace School 107

“Our Professional Learning
Communities (PLCs) have been going over data cycles and the results from an
assessment our kids took at the end of January. My coach, Gabriel Surface,
began these cycles and we have seen great success! Basically, teachers pick one
ToY Blog standard for remediation and fit in 5 to 10 minutes of daily remediation on
that standard. After just one week, students took a similar quiz and our scores
grew (exponentially)! Third-grade scores averaged 20 percent higher than what
they started with, and fifth- and sixth-grade scores averaged more than 50
percent higher for each. Fourth-grade hasn’t received its results yet, but we
have hope for great growth. Tracking this data is powerful because our teachers
can see that what they are doing each day is making a difference.” 


Billy Travis, Middle
School Social Studies Teacher, Center for Inquiry 27

“I am currently excited about my seventh-graders, who decided
to research the effects that religion has had on certain topics. One student researched
religious artwork and its representation of violent events, while another
student examined how Christianity has affected modern day Russia. I am also excited
about my eighth-graders’ community projects about obesity, immigration and
childhood illnesses. The students are eager to interview experts and take
action to help their communities. Each eighth-grade CFI International
Baccalaureate student completes a service project in their community to finish
their Middle Years Programme (MYP) studies.”


Angel Jackson, Title
1 Interventionist, Eleanor Skillen School 34

“Professionally, I
am most excited to be in the process of completing research for my Master of Arts in Educational Leadership program at Marian University. My research topic
relates to ability grouping and academic achievement in both an urban and high,
special education setting. I’m looking at the research to see if there is
any significant impact of ability grouping amongst elementary school
students within the aforementioned settings. I am looking forward to
completing my thesis soon, with plans to graduate May 2017!”