A group of compassionate IPS students saw a need in the community and took some amazing action to help! It all started when Mrs. Shari Peterson’s 2nd grade class heard about financial troubles at Indianapolis Animal Care and Control. A newspaper article on the rough conditions for animals there sparked a serious conversation among their Meredith Nicholson School 96 classroom.

“The students began talking about how thankful they were for their own pets at home,” said Mrs. Peterson. “That’s when the class decided the best way to show appreciation for their own pets was to help feed animals who don’t have homes.”

The class decided to raise money for a donation to Animal Care and Control, and they looked to their peers for help. Under the guidance of student teachers Robin McKinney and Madeline Webb, students kicked off a campaign called “Pennies for Paws.” Students went from classroom to classroom at the start of several school days to collect loose change. Once the money was collected, students incorporated counting the change into their daily math lessons.

Mrs. Peterson’s class came up with a total donation of $250 for Animal Care and Control, and they hope to make an even greater impact on their community. They’ve challenged local groups, including the Colts, to match their donation! We are so proud of these young students who are committed to serving their community, and we look forward to seeing their positive actions continue in the future!