Mark Wade, 3rd grade teacher at Indianapolis Public Schools Meredith Nicholson School 96, wanted to have a Friday Afternoon Club this year with his classroom. They meet once a month after school to let the class build relationships.

“It’s a time to do things that we can’t do during the day,” Wade said.

In September, in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month and Mexican Independence Day. Wade and the class decided to cook and share a traditional Mexican meal of sopes and rice. The activity was a big hit with all the students.

“I liked the sopes because we could use any toppings we wanted to,” said student Karen B.

“I liked the part when we made the rice,” said Demarcus T.

Wade said the food “wasn’t too exotic” for most of his students, but getting to cook and eat at school with their classmates was. That’s what made it special for them.

In October, they will use their Friday Afternoon Club time to prepare a display about Day of the Dead to share with the school. What a wonderful way to celebrate heritage and build relationships in the classroom!