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McDonald’s Honors IPS Students as ‘Black History Makers of Tomorrow’

McDonald’s owners/operators in Indiana and Southwest Michigan recently bestowed the title of ‘Black History Makers of Tomorrow’ upon several distinguished students from Indianapolis Public Schools. 

This prestigious scholarship program, now in its third year, seeks to commend high school seniors who embody the values of entrepreneurship and community involvement.

Each recipient was presented with a $1,000 ‘Black History Makers of Tomorrow’ Scholarship in acknowledgment of their positive influence within their communities. The program aims to spotlight these young men and women who go above and beyond, showcasing qualities that align with McDonald’s commitment to community engagement. 

The recipients were celebrated for their diverse contributions, including volunteering in their neighborhoods, assisting with family needs, tutoring younger students, and working part-time jobs after school to save for college or support their families.

This year’s recipients: 

  • Chandler Harris – Crispus Attucks High School: Harris is driven by a passion for criminology, forensics, and chemistry. Alongside her academic pursuits, Harris is actively involved in extracurricular activities such as the IU Health Fellowship, Student Council, and the Domestic Violence Youth Network.
  • Azahiel Haile – George Washington High School: Haile shows a strong ambition for entrepreneurship and motivational speaking. His post-graduation plans include pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business to lay the foundation for his entrepreneurial endeavors. Engaged in extracurricular activities such as basketball and track and field, Haile demonstrates his commitment to athletics and personal development.
  • Ja’nyaiah Day – KIPP Indy Legacy High School: Ja’nyaiah is set to graduate from KIPP Indy Legacy High School with aspirations to pursue a degree in psychology. She dreams of attending Temple University’s Japan Campus or Indiana University Bloomington. Beyond academic achievements, Ja’nyaiah is an active participant as the Captain of the Debate Team and holds a significant role in the student council as the 12th-grade chair.