Dec. 2, 2017

Mary Rigg Tutoring Meet and Greet

GETTING ACQUAINTED – Students and volunteer tutors get to know each other during a recent TutorMate meet-and-greet. 

Mary Rigg Neighborhood Center recently launched the second year of the TutorMate program — a partnership between Innovations for Learning and Indianapolis Public Schools that matches IPS students with individual tutors.

To kick off year two, Mary Riggs hosted a meet-and-greet in late November to give the volunteer tutors a chance to get to know their students better. TutorMate is an online volunteer tutoring program that helps at-risk first grade students learn to read. Because the tutoring is done online, meeting face-to-face is rare.

During the meet-and-greet students and tutors played games, read books and enjoyed their time together.

This year, as part of Mary Rigg’s Department of Education (DOE) grant, the neighborhood center is partnering with four neighborhood schools to ensure that 10 students from each first-grade classroom can take advantage of this fun and unique tutoring method.

Volunteers tutor remotely from their homes, offices, or wherever there is internet. Together, the student and tutor read stories, play games, and more to improve student reading skills.

Click here to learn more about the TutorMate program.