For 16 consecutive years, McDonald’s Restaurants of Central Indiana has offered MAC Grants to help educators in the Indianapolis area Make Activities Count for their students! Focusing on educators of grades fifth through eighth, the MAC Grant awards teachers up to $500 to help them create and implement meaningful hands-on activities in their classrooms.



Earlier this week, representatives from McDonald’s visited two special IPS teachers with an awesome surprise. Mrs. Bernade Flournoy of Riverside School 44 and Mrs. Julia Huckaba of SUPER School 19 were named as two of this year’s MAC Grant recipients! 


“I applied for the grant this past September, with the focus being on science equipment,” says Huckaba, “It is important that our students are high school ready and a few items were needed in our science lab. While I was in school I enjoyed Science and I think I would have enjoyed it more if I had access to hands-on equipment. As an adult, I love reading about new Science discoveries and I want that for our students regardless of what classroom they are in. Although I am an ELA teacher, I identified a need and wanted to help provide them with the tools necessary for success. Our students will be directly impacted with the new purchases and they will have access to a more hand-on learning experience.” 


The annual MAC Grant program provides additional funding to teachers to supplement regular classroom curriculum with fun and challenging hands-on learning experiences. This will give students more confidence in the material that he or she is learning; empowering the student to make meaningful, on the spot decisions. 


Art instructor, Bernade Flournoy of Riverside School 44 says she is excited and thankful to be given the opportunity to boost the arts program within her school. Her grant purchases will help bolster creativity in her classroom. More art supplies and a new display system are a few items in the program plans, “it’s special for students to walk down the hallway and see their work proudly displayed – for them to see it and say, ‘hey, I made that!’”


Each grant application submission must include a complete and engaging program for the students and an itemized budget to outline the plans for the grant dollars. McDonald’s of Central Indiana will give a total of $20,000 in MAC Grants this year alone. Those interested in applying for the MAC grant for the 2016-2017 school year can visit the website for more information.