Are you ready to make a positive impact in the lives of
Indianapolis Public Schools students? Do you have one hour a week to spare?
Join the hundreds of volunteers participating in ReadUP, our partnership with
the United Way of Central Indiana (UWCI)!

With the commitment to a one-time, 90-minute training
session and weekly visits to an IPS school, you can become one of our newest
ReadUP tutors. Our volunteers are vital to student success not only for the literacy
achievement that grows with a tutor, but also because ReadUP builds
relationships between our students and tutors that increase trust, confidence,
and progress throughout the year.

UWCI provides the training sessions to ensure each ReadUP
volunteer is fully prepared to provide impactful and consistent instructional
support to struggling readers. We’re so thankful to have a strong community
partner in UWCI to encourage literacy!

“Ensuring that all students are able to read on grade level
directly impacts the welfare of the community,” said IPS Curriculum Officer
Tammy Bowman. “By having community support, we are able to build awareness,
make meaningful connections and share resources within the community.”

UWCI is committing $1.1M in support by way of grants,
financial backing and in-kind contributions to IPS. One of the supports offered
by UWCI is the salary for a Strategic Partnerships Coordinator (SPC), who will
help cultivate, monitor and support the relationships between partnering
corporations and participating schools.

“The SPC will create and implement useful volunteer
onboarding strategies and ensure that schools have the appropriate tools to be
well-prepared to receive our wonderful extended family members (volunteers)
each week,” said Chief Strategist Le Boler. “The SPC will also coordinate with
UWCI to capture and report key performance indicators (KPIs) to track outputs
and help drive continuous improvement efforts toward meeting – hopefully
exceeding – established program goals. All entities, including volunteers who
graciously donate their time, will be able to understand the ReadUP return on
investment (ROI) both qualitatively and quantitatively.”

The main ReadUP program matches
volunteers with 3rd and 4th grade students for weekly
reading sessions, but UWCI plans to look at the positive impact of expanding
additional ReadUP initiatives within IPS. ReadUP Corps complements the main
program by bringing specially trained tutors to assist struggling readers in 1st
and 2nd grades with the hopes of increasing reading proficiency by 3rd
grade. ReadUP Readers helps to promote an early start to reading by joining
preschool classes for regular reading activities.

In a new initiative, UWCI intends
to align all three reading initiatives in an IPS school to track the impact of
an immersive ReadUP experience. UWCI is collaborating with IPS to determine
which school will pilot the multi-tiered program, and how the effect of this
tutoring strategy will be measured.

If the time
commitment or other obstacles have you on the fence about volunteering, give
UWCI a call. They’d love to help you figure out the best way to help our
students while fitting your personal obligations.

time is a concern, volunteers can partner with a friend, family member or
coworker to share the tutoring spot, alternating who attends the weekly
session,” said UWCI Director of Education Beth Stroh. “Call and talk to Julie
Laginess, Volunteer Engagement Associate, at 317.921.1217 to learn more. Julie has
been a ReadUP Tutor since she was a student at IUPUI. Now she recruits others
to the program!”

UWCI hopes to bring
1,200 ReadUP volunteers to our schools this year. Will you be one of them?

need for volunteers is increasing as we expand to additional IPS elementary
schools with the goal of reaching all of them by 2018-19,” said Stroh. “We
can’t do this alone, but with your help, each program year will be more
successful than the past, proving that – together – we can achieve the goal of
helping 90% of Central Indiana 3rd graders read at grade level by

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