Students at Lew Wallace School 107 work with LEGO bricks during their literacy block. When Tina Brock, 2nd grade teacher at Lew Wallace School 107, said it was reading and writing time, one little girl asked, “Can we do LEGO again?” Mrs. Brock paused for a second and then said, “Yes.” The students cheered.
Though it was only the second time the class had used the LEGO Education StoryStarter kits, the class was already looking forward to them. LEGO Education StoryStarter bricks are just like the LEGO bricks the students might play with at home, but here the kits are used to help teach literacy.

The class listened and read along with the story “Diary of a Spider” by Doreen Cronin, pictures by Harry Bliss. After the story was done, students imagined they were the spider in the story. Using the LEGO Education StoryStarter bricks and characters, each built a scene depicting a day in the life of their spider. Then after building time, each student wrote about their LEGO Education StoryStarter scene. Mrs. Brock is consciously using the kits to help her students start building sentences, then paragraphs, and eventually wants to work them up to understanding beginning, middle and end in their own writing.

As her students were building, Mrs. Brock noted LEGO Education StoryStarter is “a great motivator.” Students definitely agreed. One 2nd grader, Trey White, said, “It’s fun,” as he built a house to keep his spider from being stepped on.
Mrs. Brock said she was already a big proponent of the way it is helping her students focus on planning their writing. And students will have a chance to grow with the program as it continues into the 3rd, 4th and 5th grades.
It’s great to see Lew Wallace teachers embracing an exciting tool for literacy like LEGO Education StoryStarter and to watch the students playing their way to becoming better readers and writers!