Physical activity is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle. By avoiding harmful substances, eating healthy and staying active you can prevent a long range of chronic diseases and illnesses. Studies show that children between the ages of 8-18 spend at least 7 hours a day using media including TV, computers, cell phones and video games and only one third of high school students get the recommended 60 minutes of daily physical activity. In today’s world, it can be easy to get lost in consumer culture and experience a loss of perspective about the world around us.


Students within IPS are making healthy lifestyle changes every day and the students at Lew Wallace School 107 are leading the way! As part of the national celebration of Red Ribbon Week, (an initiative from the National Family Partnership, that focuses on a healthy drug free lifestyle,) Lew Wallace School 107 students took part in a contest that promotes healthy choices. The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department launched their 34th Annual fourth and fifth grade “Healthy Reasons to Say No Poster and Essay Contest” last semester. The winners were announced in late November and a ceremony took place to celebrate the accomplished winners right before our holiday break!


With over 1,200 entries, 6 students of Lew Wallace School 107 were favored; two students placed third in both the poster and essay portion as well as four honorable mentions.


“The Say No To Drugs poster contest inspired me because I wanted my dad to stop doing drugs.” says Roxley P. 4th grade student of Lew Wallace School 107 who placed 3rd in Marion County in the poster category. To view photos from the awards ceremony, click here


Hundreds of kids from all over the world are actively making a difference in their communities. Empowering children to effect positive change provides a gateway to self-confidence, leadership and benevolence. 


The Lew Wallace School 107 students recently received a grant that will help them to continue their efforts of maintaining healthy lifestyles from the UNICEF Kid Power Program of the U.S Fund for UNICEF. 


UNICEF Kid Power is a program that believes that children have the power to save lives. Participating students will be given a Kid Power Band that will track their steps and movement. By staying active, students earn points that will ultimately unlock funding from various partners and supporters from around the globe. The funds are used to provide lifesaving packets of food to severely malnourished children. Studies show that 1 in 4 children are malnourished globally, that’s about 159 million children worldwide.) The more kids move, the more points, they earn, the more lives they save! 


The third, fourth and fifth grade students of Lew Wallace School 107 will be participating in the program this Spring. Over one hundred students staying active and earning points every day will change the lives of hungry children across the globe, not to mention the health benefits of a more active lifestyle. 


“I’m excited that our kids will have the opportunity to be service oriented and good stewards to the community, as well as be exposed to a more healthy and fit lifestyle,” says Principal Jeremy Baugh. 


Currently there is 42,421 Kid Power Team Members across the nation, but only 17 percent of the children with severe acute malnutrition are reached due to a lack of funding. Get involved by visiting the UNICEF Kid Power website.


We are looking forward to watching the points roll in this Spring from our students at Lew Wallace School 107 and invite you to keep up with their progress!