Teachers at Lew Wallace School 107 work with LEGO Story Starter kits. If your students ever feel like school is seriously cutting into their play time, then Lew Wallace School 107 may just have the program for them. Lew Wallace is working this year with LEGO Education StoryStarter to motivate students while developing them into stronger writers and readers.

The LEGO Education StoryStarter bricks are just like the bricks the kids play with at home, but according to Lew Wallace Principal Sheldon E. Floyd, in classes where the bricks are used, students are “building scenes in the story and sequencing the story into beginning, middle and ending parts.” Students work together building the stories with the LEGO bricks and figures. Floyd also notes that “creative problem solving skills [are] being developed” as students are encouraged “to talk about and justify their ideas, to listen to others’ ideas, and to work towards agreed solutions.” Students will be having so much fun playing they might not even realize how much they are learning about collaboration and composition.

Sounds like with the help of LEGO Education StoryStarter, Lew Wallace is going to have some serious fun and some serious learning this year!