Learning Soars at Wendell Phillips During a conversation with AmeriCorp volunteers regarding service hours during spring break, Wendell Phillips School 63 Principal Paul Wirth had an interesting idea. What if the volunteers tutored students during that time?

“We decided at Wendell Phillips we could potentially impact students with these hours, so SOAR Camp came into fruition,” Wirth said.

SOAR Camp was created to focus on students in kindergarten through second grade who needed additional support in reading and math. Teachers recommended students based on DIBELS scores, a test used to assess early literacy skills, and classroom data.

Students were exposed to hands-on, interactive activities to engage them in the application of specific College and Career Readiness skills. They completed daily rotations in reading, writing, math and technology.

“For a pilot program, we thought it went very well,” AmeriCorps volunteer Angel Stackhouse said. “We are excited about the possibility of expanding the program.”

Wendell Phillips hopes to expand the program for the summer and the 2015-2016 school year.

We’re proud of AmeriCorps and Wendell Phillips for their dedication to supporting our students during the break!