Informing and empowering students to explore the legal profession, The Law and Public Policy choice program at Arsenal Technical High School offers students a relevant and exciting inside look at the wide range of options in the field of law. Early this week, the choice program sponsored its first Law Week, granting students the chance to interact with community members from city and state government, public service and legal professions.  


The guest line up for Law Week featured community members from all three branches of government (legislative, executive and judicial) as well as members of private entities such as the Mexican Consulate, the Indiana branch of the American Civil Liberties Union, and several individuals from small and large local law firms.  


Law Week



Kicking off their first year at Arsenal Tech, the IPS Law and Public Policy choice program (also known as a magnet) offers students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the legal, public and private law sectors. The program challenges students to become leaders, problem solvers and well-informed citizens of their community. “I’m hoping it creates an excitement around our Law and Public Policy [choice option] and encourages students to include more law classes on their schedules next year,” says Principal Julie Bakehorn from Arsenal Tech.

Looking ahead, the Law and Public Policy choice option seeks to build and expand community partnerships with local supporters such as Eli Lilly and Faegre Baker Daniels, who are generous supporters of the Arsenal Tech Street Law program, wherein students are able to gain hands-on relevant courtroom experience through mock trials and student court. “[Through their education within this specialized academic programming] we hope to create informed and active citizens – empowering students by connecting them with local resources is what we hope to accomplish,” says Karen Markman, Law & Public Policy educator at Arsenal Technical High School.