May 26, 2017


Annie King is a consummate multitasker.


She’s a member of Arsenal Technical High School’s
marching band, active in the school’s theater department and serves on the Model
United Nations Club, all while maintaining a 4.45 GPA.Annie King


The 2017 valedictorian at Arsenal Tech also spends her
spare time playing piano in the alternative band Color Something. Currently,
the band is preparing for its upcoming performance at East Tenth United Methodist Church for the first Friday
event “Radial Point” on June 2.


Annie will soon add college student to her busy
schedule. This fall, she will enter her freshman year at Indiana
University-Bloomington to study environmental science. However, IU wasn’t her
original choice.


“I didn’t apply to IU until early this year. I was
originally on the Purdue track, but when I found that IU has the best
environmental science program in the region, I applied,” she said.


science has been a passion for Annie for quite a while. After thorough research,
she decided to turn her passion into a career path.


recently realized that (environmental science) is what I feel most passionately
about. It’s been a passion throughout my life, but I didn’t really think about
making it into a career until last summer,” she said. “I’m really passionate
about the well-being of the earth, and I want to do what I can to help.”


education is a tradition for Annie’s immediate family, but she will be the
first to attend an Indiana college.


excited to embark on this next phase of her life, Annie says that after years
of hard work she plans to spend her summer before college relaxing.


had internships every summer in the past. I will mostly be spending time with
my family, maybe a little bit of traveling,” she said. “I’ve worked really hard
throughout high school, so this summer I’d like to relax a little.”