Last May, when Jonathan Jennings School 109 had its running
track widened and extended from one-sixth to one-quarter of a mile, Principal
Kevin McMahan said, “This is going to be a process. The hope is one day to make
the property a full west side athletic complex.” He had no idea how quickly
some community partners would help that process along.

On September 18, Jonathan Jennings will have a Day of
Service (DOS) that will feature further improvements and expansions to the
track and the start of bike/walking trail construction on the property. All
this and plans for more have evolved out of relationships with several
community partners.

McMahan explained, “I began working with IU Health and Rehabilitation
Hospital of Indiana (RHI) at the end of last school year and have been meeting
with them regularly since then.  They were going to donate up to $5000 and
provide the volunteers to help us widen and expand our track.  Since then,
three construction companies have agreed to donate nearly $5000 in crushed
limestone for the track which will leave an additional $3000-$5000 to put
toward fitness stations around our soon-to-be-built bike/walking trail.”

The ACP Team Architectural Construction Products is donating
fabric to line the track. Both Horning Roofing and Sheet Metal Company and
South Central Roofing, Inc., are donating limestone for the track and
volunteering on the DOS. McMahan noted that some of the representatives from
the construction companies donating materials are IPS graduates giving back to
their school district.

Add to this that our own Facilities Management Division is
coming on the DOS to dig out the track and the bike trail and that Casey
Collins, the Community Outreach Manager with Indianapolis Monumental Marathon,
is helping measure and mark the track, and you have a true collaboration
involving a network of community and district partners.

What a great example of partnership for school improvement!
We can’t wait to see what results on the grounds of Jonathan Jennings from the
good work of IPS employees and volunteers and the generous support of these community