Have you heard about IPS’ new
staffing model – giving experienced teachers the chance to lead their peers,
reach more students and earn up to $18,000 more than their current salary? It’s
called Opportunity Culture, and this strategic staffing initiative is coming to
six schools in our district for the 2016-2017 school year.


This month, principals and faculty members who are building
their schools’ Opportunity Culture (OC) designs sat down with the WFYI
production crew to make an informative video sharing the excitement of this
innovative model headed to select IPS schools. This video gives a snapshot of
why IPS is employing OC in our Transformation Zone schools, what goes into the
design process for an OC school and how this model will positively impact our
students, teachers and communities:

Opportunity Culture in Indianapolis Public Schools


Your chance to join teamIPS in one of these new, exciting,
rewarding and highly coveted roles is nearly here; the application window
for external candidates opens February 29
. Visit our Opportunity Culture
information page
to learn more about the initiative, the fulfilling positions
available to teachers and how you can apply soon!