Joana A. is
the 2015 valedictorian from John Marshall Community High School. Joana has been
an IPS student since the third grade, and she wants to encourage all teachers
to never leave any of their students behind because she had teachers who helped

She credits
Mrs. Salmon at John Marshall as her favorite teacher and for guiding her into
her future. Joana said, “She helped me make better decisions about my future. She
gave up her time to help me and my family, to be a part of my adventure.”

When asked about
what Joana meant to her, Mrs. Salmon said, “In the time I’ve come to know
Joana, she has quickly earned a permanent place in my heart. She’s caring,
honest and humble. She’s brave enough to dream big and pursue those dreams with
the grit and confidence of a skilled soldier! I’m proud to walk this journey
with her. In every aspect of her college and career goals, Joana truly has a
disregard for the impossible!”

The IPS family
is extremely proud of Joana. John Marshall will be losing a quiet leader who
defied societal limitations. Joana is proud to have been an IPS student. “Every
IPS school I have attended has always had influential leaders there to help
you. They make sure we’re all taken care of. I cannot be thankful enough for
all those teachers, counselors and staff members who’ve been part of my life. I
look back on all these years, and I can really say I could not be here without

Joana’s next
step in life is to attend DePauw University in the fall as a DePauw Lilly Scholar,
which she earned through her dedication and hard work. Joana will major in Economics
with a minor in French. Joana enjoyed her time at John Marshall, and now she is
looking forward to starting the next chapter. We can’t wait to hear about her
future success!