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IU Health to End Nursing Services Contract with IPS Schools in 2023-2024 School Year

Due to unforeseen staffing shortages, IU Health has decided to terminate its contract with IPS to provide nursing services in 19 of our schools in the 23-24 school year. 

While the loss of this partnership is unfortunate, IPS implements several models of care to ensure equity and access to health services across the district. We have begun early conversations with other community partners who are eager to come alongside IPS to continue this invaluable service. We are exploring each of these opportunities and will share the results broadly once solidified. For the remainder of the current school year, IU is committed to maintaining services in our buildings and to transition services for the next school year in a professional and student-centered manner.

Should you have questions about health services for your student, please reach out to the Unified Student Supports team at 317-226-3852. 

The list of schools that currently utilize nurses from IU Health are:

Cold Spring
School 19/SUPER
School 55/Butler Lab
School 56*
School 57
School 59/Sidener
School 60/Butler Lab
School 65
School 70/CFI
School 82
School 83
School 84/CFI
School 87
School 90
School 96
School 102/Bellamy PreK
School 106
School 109
Positive Supports Academy
Roots Program