Today over 2,000 Indiana University Health employees
joined together to service over 20 locations across the state, donating over 5,000
hours to restore spaces, revamp parks and promote healthy active
lifestyles. The annual system-wide Day of Service is spent creating walking
trails, painting murals, revitalizing playgrounds and enhancing parks for
Hoosiers of all ages.


Here in Indianapolis, 1,200 IU Health employees spread their efforts
across three parks and five schools in our district. In collaboration
with Playworks,
IU Health will introduce a variety of structured games and active play to
George Washington Carver School 87, Joyce Kilmer Academy 69 and Louis B.
Russell School 48.


Students that have the opportunity to join in on this day of play will
be affected in many ways, “our students can see firsthand the importance of
community and collaborative work efforts focused on giving. It is great for
students to see the joy that is created when others take the time to give
of themselves to help others.” Says Principal Crishell Sam of Louis B.
Russell School 48. The volunteers from IU Health are modeling the initiatives
that we promote daily within our schools, this collaborative effort will help
our student’s lead positive, healthy and active lifestyles.  Students of
Louis B. Russell will remain active after today’s Day of Play, with the help of
P.E. Teacher Debra Renie and Playworks coach Jasmine Swim, by being engaged in
social and emotional growth activities on the playground each day. These
activities encourage healthy play and active engagement for all students.


Jennings School 109 and Riverside School 44 were also visited by a team of IU
Health employees today.  Team members from IU Health spent their day building
trails, revitalizing landscaping and beautifying stairwells with positive
messaging; refreshing the environments of our schools for our students to
inspire and encourage students to be enthusiastic and motivated learners.  “Through the efforts and donations provided by RHIIU Health, and other supporters we were able to build a ¼ mile track and install numerous fitness stations,” says Principal Kevin McMahon of Jonathan Jennings School 109, “These additions will be a tremendous boost as we begin to shift towards healthier lifestyles for our students and the community.”

It’s imperative that we provide students with the opportunity to be physically active and to make healthy choices. We’re appreciative of our partnership with IU Health and Playworks and look forward to continued success in keeping our students happy and healthy.