Holding true to their mission statement, to improve the health of the community and
patients through innovation and excellence in care, education, research and
, Indiana University Health has provided a financial commitment to
the IPS Education Foundation. IU Health has pledged a $50,000 restricted grant
for use by IPS leaders who want to bring Playworks programming and training to their

In their commitment to improving outcomes in Pre
K – 12 education in the Indianapolis community, IU Health has became the
Founding City Partner of Playworks in 2013. Playworks is a program designed to bring
out the best in every kid through the power of play.  As the leading national nonprofit, Playworks
is utilizing the playtime to transform children’s’ social and emotional health by
creating a place for every kid on the playground to feel included, be active
and build valuable social and emotional skills. Their program will use the power
of play to enhance classroom learning, built teamwork skills, encourage kids to
be physically active and decrease bullying.

 The schools in IPS to benefit from this
program will be provided with a Playworks recess coach that will support the
teaching staff throughout the school day and after school. The coach will
enhance recess by orchestrating play and physical activity- supporting and
empowering leaders to create a safe inclusive playground for all students. The
direct service coaching model of Playworks is active in more than 300 schools
throughout the United States; we are excited to work with IU Health and
Playworks for this safe play initiative and hope to empower our students to be
strong leaders and to get active.