Testing Season – What You Need to Know


are prepped and ready to finish out the bulk of state-mandated testing for the
2015–2016 school year. IPS students, Grades 3–8 and 10 can expect to begin the
final portion of ISTEP testing next week, while Grades 10–12 gear up for End of
Course Assessments (ECAs) in May.


Gov. Mike Pence recently signed a bill into law that repeals the ISTEP exam by
July 2017, it remains the benchmark used to gauge students’ mastery of academic
skills. A panel of educators and experts are researching alternatives for a new
standardized test, which is expected to be implemented during the 2017–2018
school year.


tests, by design, are used to measure student achievement. End of Course
Assessments are offered four times during the school year after a student
completes instruction. The exams are geared toward a student’s completion and
mastery in the subject. In May, current 10th-graders or any older
students who have not passed ECA graduation requirements will take the English
10 and Algebra I ECA exams. Both are required for graduation.


completion, students will receive a report on their overall performance. It will
be graded on a scale of Pass+, Pass or Did Not Pass. Students who do not pass
the ECAs are entitled to additional school support and remediation. Teachers
and guidance counselors can offer extra help in the areas of need to students
who do not pass.


is important for families to note that final testing results must be included
on a student’s high school transcript, so we encourage all of our students to
do their personal best.


dates to look for:


  • ISTEP+ Multiple Choice
  • April 18–May 6
    for Grades 3–8 and 10
  • End of Course Assessments
  • May 16–May 26
    for Grades 10–12



Parents have access to ISTEP practice tests and testing tips, if they would like to offer additional support from home or gain a
better understanding of the test themselves. Any additional questions or
concerns about school assessments should be directed to your child’s teacher or
school counselor. We wish everyone luck as we close out testing season for
this school year.