The IPS Winter break meal service ended with a nearly 25% increase in meals served during the two-week period from Dec. 18 – Dec. 29 over the same time period the previous year. The Food Service staff served more than 1600 free meals for breakfast and lunch (232 meals/day) at 18 sites around the district.

“We are thrilled to see an increase in the number of meals served to children throughout our community during Winter Break and we are grateful to be able to offer this program to our IPS families,” said Food Service Director Dena Bond.

This time of year can be particularly challenging for families. Not only can the brutally cold weather pose obstacles, but sources that families turn to for food, including food pantries and some community centers, may be closed or have reduced hours. Having schools open to serve meals provided many families the assurance they needed that their children would receive warm, nutritious food even when classes weren’t in session.