August 6, 2018

Dr. Fderebee High Five Arsenal Tech

EARLY MORNING WELCOME — IPS Superintendt Dr. Lewis D. Ferebee joined members of 100 Black Men and staffers from Arsenal Technical High School to welcome students back to school on Monday, August 6, 2018. Below, students at James Whitcomb Riley School 43 learn during circle time, and Mrs. Quandt at Robert Lee Frost School 106 welcomes new students to her class. 

It was a busy but exciting day as Indianapolis Public School (IPS) students, parents, teachers, principals, bus drivers and district administrators ushered in the first day of the 2018-19 school year on Monday, August 6.

IPS Superintendent Dr. Lewis D. Ferebee welcomed students with high fives at Arsenal Technical High School and greeted staff, students and parents at the new IPS/Butler University Laboratory School 55.

James Whitcomb Riley

The district welcomed scholars to IPS’ new middle schools — Arlington Middle School and Northwest Middle School. While  many of our high school students started the day with assemblies before diving into the new curriculum in the district’s all-choice high school academies.

There were also lots of hugs and smiles as teachers reconnected with students and friends were reacquainted after summer break. There were even a few tears shed as some students felt the pains of separation or the fear of going into a new classroom with unfamiliar teachers and children.

Here’s a peek inside several of our schools on the first day, through pictures and words:

Arlington Middle School

Students and teachers didn’t waste any time jumping into this year’s curriculum. At 8 a.m., scholars were already engrossed in math, history, science and English classes.

Along the seventh-grade hall, business teacher Tina Naugles and her class were focused on business practices, colleges, careers and entrepreneurship — part of the district’s 3Es. While other teachers reiterated classroom rules to their students.

New Principal John Edge was busy making his rounds throughout the school, ensuring students found their way to class and staff needs were met.

Robert Lee Frost School 106

When the doors opened at this eastside elementary school, Principal Tina Foster was the first to greet students and their parents.Robert Frost First Day of School 2018-19

Teachers, who were waiting outside of their classroom doors with smiles on their faces, welcomed new students and parents, while other staffers offered high fives and hugs.

Class assignments were posted on hallway walls, for those who weren’t quite sure where to go. And cafeteria workers patiently helped students choose breakfast items before classes began.

Shortridge High School

Shortridge students took a different approach to the first day of school.

Instead of starting with classroom lessons, Principal Shane O’Day kicked things off with an all-school assembly — sharing the culture at Shortridge and what’s expected from both students and staff.

O’Day implored students to find their voice and to make themselves heard.

“You have a voice, but how will you use it?” asked O’Day. “And what will you do to make this a better city?”

Throughout the day, students and staff dove into the day’s curriculum, explored the Future Center, noshed on the offerings at the new food stations in the cafeteria, and met some of the school’s newest faculty members.

Lew Wallace School 107

The main office was bustling as the tardy bell sounded on the first day. Parents and students streamed into the school, looking for their class assignments or to enroll. The office staff was patient and polite, and their smiles reassured parents and kids alike that they’d soon be in class. 

Despite the confusion, it didn’t take long for students to settle in, getting to their classes, then hustling to the cafeteria for breakfast a class at a time. 

Daniel Webster School 46

Students streamed into Daniel Webster School 46 as the doors opened. Friends reunited in the halls with hugs, teachers met their students, and staff helped scholars find their class assignments. 

Once the bell rang, it was straight to work in the kindergarten and first-grade classrooms. Students were eager and teachers were prepared, whether they needed a high five or a reassuring hug. 

James Whitcomb Riley School 43

Principal Bakari A. Posey roamed the halls of James Whitcomb Riley School 43, peeking into classes and snapping pictures of the first day. It was business as usual, as teachers already had lesson plans going in full force. Students were bright and attentive. 

One student, heading a hallway line, danced as the class prepared to head out. In another class, students played a getting-to-know-you game, learning each other’s names. In another, students were already learning vocabulary. 

Center for Inquiry School (CFI) 2

As students arrived at CFI 2, they eagerly entered a building filled with colorful murals and reminders to be kind. Even students who were escorted to class by their parents didn’t linger too long in their goodbyes. A hug, a few kisses, and they were on their way to get to know their teachers, connect with friends, and learn a whole bunch of fun new facts.

Teachers stood in the halls and cheerfully greeted students, parents – and each other: “Good Morning!” “Welcome Back!” “Have a Great Year!” Music Teacher Brian Hoover even treated students and visitors who walked past his class to some cheerful guitar strumming.

It’s evident the staff at CFI 2 is ready to teach – and the school’s more than 400 kindergarten through Grade 8 students are ready to learn.

Louis B. Russell Jr. School 48

Principal Arthur Hinton started the day inside the school gymnasium with students and staff reviewing their core values: Be Respectful. Be Safe. Be Responsible.

However, things quickly took a turn when Channel 8’s WISH Patrol made a surprise visit, kicking off the first day of school with treats for everyone from Jacks Donuts and lunch for teachers from Prime 47 (including steak, chicken and shrimp)!

But the giving didn’t stop there.

SkyZone offered free passes to students if each reads five books. And Teachers’ Treasures gave each student free school supplies and a backpack.

Indiana Pacers mascot Boomer and the Pacemates dance team made a special appearance and provided free tickets to an upcoming game to teachers, who also received free Indianapolis Colts game tickets.

The first day at Louis B. Russell Jr. turned out to be fantastic!