She won the Hubbard Life-Changing Teacher award and was named the Indianapolis Public Schools Teacher of the Year – now Tina Ahlgren is a finalist for the state’s top teaching honor! IPS is proud to announce Mrs. Ahlgren is one of three finalists for the 2015 Indiana Teacher of the Year Award.

Mrs. Ahlgren continuously impacts the lives of her math students at Shortridge Magnet High School for Law and Public Policy. Her energetic and engaging teaching style sparked an increased success rate in the school’s Algebra I exams, which helped raise Shortridge’s grade from an F to a B. Last school year, every student who previously failed the Algebra I exam passed with the help of Ahlgren’s exemplary guidance.

Students have praised Ahlgren’s celebration of every success no matter how small & her patience with a variety of learning styles. Her willingness to change lesson plans to fit students’ needs and her unique approach to tough lessons have proven to be successful in the classroom.

Some of the more personal stories from Mrs. Ahlgren’s students caught a lot of media attention when she received the Hubbard Award. You may recall the stories of Ahlgren tutoring a pregnant student and later becoming the godmother of her child, or the time she drove a student to Vincennes University and took care of the down payment for his room and board.

The Indiana Department of Education reviewed portfolios for the Teacher of the Year from every school district in the state to identify the top candidates. Next month, the IDOE will announce their selection for the state’s highest teacher honor. We’re so proud to have Mrs. Ahlgren as a representative of the excellent standard of educators here at IPS, and we hope to celebrate yet another award with her!