May 4, 2018

Teacher Appreciation Week has always been an exciting time to honor and praise our educators for the important work they do to encourage, inspire and affirm our students.

Dr. Ferebee

As a teacher, I hold many fond memories from my time in the classroom and remember that deep sense of satisfaction I often felt when I least expected it. There were the light bulb moments I experienced with a child when they grasped a new concept for the first time. There was the smile of appreciation from a student who knew I cared about their success and wouldn’t give up on them. There was that feeling of accomplishment at the end of a long day that solidified that I was right where I wanted to be doing, exactly what I wanted to do. I didn’t teach for those rewards, but they did fuel my passion.

Now, as your superintendent, I’m encouraged to see so many teachers in IPS making those same connections and experiencing the same rewards. It’s because of you that our schools are our greatest asset. It’s because of our amazing teachers that our students are achieving wonderful things. It’s because of you that we’re building a stronger future together, enhancing our community, and educating each amazing student.

Please accept my sincere gratitude for your tireless efforts, sometimes in the face of great challenges. I am very appreciative and proud of the work you’re doing.

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!