As National Bullying Prevention Month continues, Indianapolis Public Schools students are taking part in workshops to help keep our schools bully-free. The Social Health Association of Indiana is bringing their “Step Up for Kindness” program to many of our schools.

This innovative bullying prevention program customizes workshops to fit each school’s needs. There are age-appropriate lesson plans for kindergarten through 8th grade. Workshops started this month; they’ll continue through the school year, and students will build on their anti-bullying knowledge as the program progresses.

Conflict resolution is an important part of our students’ education. “Peace is a major part of the Montessori curriculum,” said George Washington Carver School 87 Principal Mark Nardo. “This program helps incorporate even more powerful tools into our lessons.”

Sessions include Kindness and the Golden Rule, Reporting Bullying, Being Good Friends, Social and Verbal Bullying and Being an Empowered Bystander. Instead of focusing exclusively on the negative behaviors of bullies, students will learn about the power bystanders have to intervene in a bullying situation and how to help bullies change their behaviors.