March 14, 2018

National History Day Competition 2018

A LOVE FOR HISTORY — Amaris Chapel, a freshman at Shortridge High School, presented her project on the Rwandan genocide during the National History Day in Indiana IPS District Contest on March 14 at the Eugene and Marilyn Glick History Center, 450 W. Ohio St. “I love history,” said Amaris. “I like to learn about things that happened before me and how it affected people.” Below, a project by Paris Himes, a Shortridge freshman, was chosen as a finalist for the state competition. 

Who says students aren’t interested in learning about the past?

More than 200 IPS high school students — 240, to be exact — turned that statement on its head during the National History Day in Indiana (NHDI) IPS District Contest on Wednesday, March 14, at the Eugene and Marilyn Glick Indiana History Center.

IPS History Day 2018

The annual competition featured IPS students in Grades 9-12 from Arlington, Arsenal Technical and Shortridge high schools, who presented exhibits, documentaries, websites, performances and papers on a range of topics centered around this year’s theme of “Conflict and Compromise.”

Topics ranged from the genocide in Rwanda to blood diamonds in Africa, the Salem Witch Trials, child brides and gay rights, to projects on rap group N.W.A., Air Jordans, and the legacy of Vee-Jay Records and Vivian Carter.

Bethany Hrachovec, Learning and National History Day coordinator, is impressed with the growth she’s seen in projects each year.

“We’ve seen the level of sophistication grow over the past couple of years, especially since we were able to (partner with) AmeriCorps,” said Hrachovec. “(That employee) spends most of their time in IPS schools providing year-round support — helping students think through their research project and creative process.”

Projects were judged by industry professionals in education, history, museums and libraries. By the end of the day, more than 80 IPS finalists were selected to advance to the state competition on April 14 at Ivy Tech.

IPS District Contest Finalists

Senior Group Documentary

  • Ben Clark, Jonas Anderson and Nicholas Johnston, Shortridge High School, “Prohibition of Indiana”
  • Anna Areal, CeCe Goff and Wesley Rhodes, Shortridge High School, “The Sinking of the Lusitania”
  • Amelie Zirnheld and Hannah Richner, Shortridge High School, “Seldom Spoken: The Untold Stories”

Senior Individual Documentary

  • El’ad Nichols-Kaufman, Shortridge High School, “Oslo Accords: Did Distrust End Compromise?”
  • Nora LaRoche, Shortridge High School, “The Capture of H. H. Holmes”
  • Eboni Majors, Arsenal Tech High School, “The Battle of Okinawa”

Senior Group Exhibit

  • Bailey Strawhorn and Kameron Milton, Shortridge High School, “Massachusetts 54th and Black Soldiers Rights”
  • Jenna Clay, Layth Abdulbari and Seth Donaldson, Shortridge High School, “The Oslo Accords”
  • Bobby Asher and Isaac Robinson, Shortridge High School, “Integration of the NBA”
  • Jaqueline Arellano and Madison Mays, Shortridge High School, “Trick Or Treaty”
  • Diana Jimenez, Jaden Loyd and Rodrigo Rosales, Shortridge High School, “Ryan White vs AIDS”
  • Alex Quintero, Marvin Arriaza and Ziv Zellars, Shortridge High School, “World War I Conflicts from Compromises”
  • Ella Garriott and Savannah Miller, Shortridge High School, “Gay Rights in the 1970s”
  • Britney Molina and Jorge Garcia, Arsenal Tech High School, “How the Effects of the Pullman Strike Helped Many People”
  • Angell Gomez, Austin Eickleberry and Suzan Crockett, Arsenal Tech High School, “Farm Workers Union”
  • Edgar Nolasco, Flor Mojica and Rocio Sanchez, Arsenal Tech High School, “Battle of Chapultapec”
  • Josue Martinez, Jonathon Curry and David Gonzalez, Arsenal Tech High School, “Irish Troubles”
  • Emma Bowling, Jaclyn Across and Brenasia Holiman, Arsenal Tech High School, “Marriage in China”

Senior Individual Exhibit

  • Denae Eleam, Shortridge High School, “Treatment of African American Union Troops during the Civil War”
  • Paris Himes, Shortridge High School, “Vivian Carter: The Legacy of Vee-Jay Records”
  • Celia Parker-Fetterman, Shortridge High School, “Matthew Hopkins- Witchfinder General”
  • Zania Bell, Shortridge High School, “Cole Porter”
  • Daneil Ibanez, Arsenal Tech High School, “Propaganda in Comic Books”
  • Gemma Garcia, Shortridge High School, “Henry Box Brown”
  • Luis Villegas, Shortridge High School, “McCain and the Vietnam War”
  • Esa Sabatino, Shortridge High School, “N.W.A. & Jerry Heller vs Ice Cube”
  • Abby Clay, Shortridge High School, “The Night Of Broken Glass”
  • Yareli Castillo, Arsenal Tech High School, “Boudicas”
  • Sara Blackburn, Arsenal Tech High School, “Emancipation Proclamation”
  • Robert Hall, Arsenal Tech High School, “Salem Witch Trials”
  • Jacob Jarrett, Arsenal Tech High School, “Christmas Truce”
  • Denise Garcia, Arsenal Tech High School, “Bubonic Plague”
  • Erick Murguia, Arsenal Tech High School, “Ilyudmila Pavlichenko Teaming with America”

Senior Paper

  • Aireyona Mitchell, Shortridge High School, “Margaret Sanger: The Conflict and Compromise of Birth Control”
  • Linet Rivas, Shortridge High School, “Bloody Mary”
  • Alison Abrego, Shortridge High School, “The Pig War of 1859”
  • Kyle Steiner, Shortridge High School, “Console Wars – Nintendo Vs. Sega”
  • Amanda Palmero, Shortridge High School, “Salem Witch Trials”
  • Cadence Zerayacob, Shortridge High School, “Italy’s and Ethopia’s Roles in WWII”
  • Ella Goldsmith, Shortridge High School, “The Influence Marie Stuart Edwards Gave to Indiana’s Voting Rights”
  • Rodrigo Molina, Shortridge High School, “Israel Versus Palestine: Why?”
  • Helen Arriaza, Shortridge High School, “Women’s Rights”
  • Maralise Smith, Shortridge High School, “Nuremberg Trials”
  • Ella Catlin, Shortridge High School, “Women Suffrage”

Senior Group Performance

  • Ajani Esters, Derek Garcia and James Szalkie, Shortridge High School, “Duesenberg Motor Company”
  • Matthias Rowe, Caleb Hermey and Isaac Wiver, DeKalb High School, Waterloo, Ind., “War Boys: Korean Conflict”
  • Ian Heimann, Cora Justus and Evelyn Carnahan, DeKalb High School, Waterloo, Ind., “Conspiracy & Conformity – Salem Witch Trials”
  • Miriam Smith and Rachel Walker, Arsenal Tech High School, ”The Battle of Yorktown”

Senior Individual Performance

  • Chyna Gates, Shortridge High School, “George Rogers Clark’s Siege to Vincennes”
  • Shayna Bailey, Shortridge High School, “Conflicts through the Eyes of Rosa Parks”
  • Angus McCutcheon, Shortridge High School, “Cpt. James Foster Sterling Journal: Battle of the Bulge”

Senior Group Website

  • Brandon Petry, Isaac Bright, Shortridge High School, “The Great War: Conflict and Compromised”
  • Joel Espinoza, Roman Moreno, Shortridge High School, “John Ross vs Indian Removal Act”
  • Angus Ely-Smith, Weston Burdick, Shortridge High School, “Irish Immigrants”

Senior Individual Website

  • Jania Petty, Shortridge High School, “Remembering the Holocaust”
  • Jordyn May, Shortridge High School, “Vietnam veterans Memorial Controversy”
  • Rachael Steelman, Arsenal Tech High School, “Christmas Truce”