Fortune 160 Company Cummins Inc. is linking up with IUPUI to
provide learning opportunities to help Indianapolis Public Schools students
better prepare for the job market, and we couldn’t be more excited!

This fall, Cummins Inc. is set to donate funding and is
encouraging employees to contribute their time to the Informatics: Diversity-Enhanced Workforce
initiative, also known as iDEW. Various industry partner employees, including
the most recent investor Cummins Inc., will dedicate their time to mentor and
tutor iDEW students. This will allow students from our own Arsenal Technical
High School, and from a couple other area high schools, to learn information
technology skills that will kick start their careers in the IT industry. Ben Carter,
Director of Career and Technical Education for IPS, said, “The program will
give them exposure to the computer science field and will help get them into
high-demand careers.”

According to Mathew Palakal, Executive Associate Dean of the
IU School of Informatics and Computing at IUPUI, “There are over 1.4 million
unfilled jobs in the IT industry and the number continues to grow.”

iDew will introduce students to various IT concepts, teach
them to apply those concepts to real-world situations and help them be
competitive in the ever-changing job market. Aside from building their IT
know-how, this will help our students build invaluable transferable skills and
develop their reading, writing and communication abilities.

Principal Julie Bakehorn of Arsenal Technical High School said,
“Our school is doing amazing things. We are thrilled to partner with Cummins
and IUPUI. It will be a wonderful opportunity for our students!”

The talented team at Arsenal Tech and the facilitators of this
wonderful new partnership with the iDEW program will help our students get a
step ahead in the IT industry. We know this will grant them many great career opportunities
in the future!