Two Hispanic children on the cover of Indy's Child magazine. A Center for Inquiry School 27 student is a star in the classroom – now he’s featured on the cover of a local magazine! Cannon Hoops and his younger sister Avalon are the cover models for the “Back to School” issue of Indy’s Child magazine.

Cannon’s teacher, Ann Mennonno, has been delighted to enjoy his quick wit and vibrant personality for his first grade experience – and now for second grade! “He’s been a blessing since day one,” she says, and his fantastic sense of humor has been apparent from the beginning. Cannon isn’t a verbal communicator, but he uses his love of technology to play pranks that keep everyone laughing!

Being on the cover of a magazine seems like a natural step for Cannon, who’s well-loved in the classroom. “Everyone wants to be his partner,” says Mennonno. She says he has inspired his classmates and teachers to see things from a different perspective as he continues to overcome challenges with a joyful approach. We’re proud of Cannon’s accomplishments and his starring role in the magazine!