Indianapolis Public Schools is making great progress towards
its operational goals! That’s the clear message in a May 2015 operational
analysis status report from Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce.

In 2013, the Indy Chamber in conjunction with the IPS
administration and board produced an analysis recommending ways to improve
operations, realize cost savings and redeploy resources to increase the
district’s capacity to meet the needs of all our students and families. We’re
proud to say that this recent status report demonstrates we are making
impressive strides in all these areas!

Dr. Lewis D. Ferebee said, “The support of the
Indianapolis Chamber through the operational analysis has been extremely helpful
and insightful. In continued partnership with the Chamber and business
community, I am confident we will continue on the path of operational
excellence to maximize and leverage resources to better serve our students and

You can read the full report here,
but some highlights from the report include:

Facilities and Buildings

We have engaged an expert Real
Estate Review Team to help guide the sale of IPS properties. We are now
offering IPS properties for
, which will increase our revenue, reduce our
maintenance costs and put valuable property back in our community!


We are more fiscally transparent
and efficient than ever before! We’ve realigned our fiscal year with the
academic year to aid school leaders in their planning and reporting. We now use
routine updates and year-to-date comparisons keep stakeholders and the public
aware of our financial status at all times. Further, our revised investment
policy means we’re putting our cash reserves to work for us by seeking higher
returns on our investments!

Human Resources

We have implemented rigorous
performance management strategies for our core leadership, and the tools we’ve
developed are now being expanded to all classified staff. We have also
reorganized Human Resources to align with our Learning Community structure,
which divides our district into East, West and Magnet Learning Communities,
each under a dedicated Academic Improvement Officer. This organizational model
will better serve schools, more clearly communicate to all employees the
expectations of their roles and promote the ownership we all share in the
district’s success!

Information Technology

We created an IT Officer role and
worked in concert with the local business community to find competitive
candidates. We have hired an IT Officer with a proven track record of change in
both the public and private sectors. We have also established baseline
technology standards for our classrooms so all our students have access to the
technology they need while our Strategic Plan Efficient Operations committee develops
long-term IT priorities and funding options.


It’s been an amazingly productive year in Academics! Some
changes the Indy Chamber noted: We have fully reorganized into the Learning
Community structure under Academic Improvement Officers and established Parent
Involvement Educators in schools to engage families and the community. We’ve
aligned our district career and technical education offerings with State
workforce development councils. We’ve expanded our commitment to early
childhood education by offering pre-K to 1,000 four-year olds in 2015-2016
through redirected Title I funds.

We were excited to review the progress we’ve made so far and
are thankful to our partners at the Indy Chamber for their helpful analysis!

With our Strategic Plan Committees
hard at work and our new Strategic Plan set for launch in August this year, we
are also excited to know this is just the beginning of our transformation into
an efficient and agile organization that channels all its resources toward the
success of our students and care of our families!