Parents are required to fill out several in order to enroll their children into school. Add the necessary cross-communication between medical providers, school officials and outside agencies to facilitate this process, and the experience can quickly become overwhelming.  Utilizing the cloud-based document service, Caredox, IPS hopes to streamline and greatly simplify the information process for both parents and respective administrators. 


With the use of Caredox, student medical information can be accessed, maintained, and updated from one centralized location without the need to fax or mail paperwork. As an added benefit, families can access Caredox from any computer or mobile platform that has an Internet connection. Caredox is not only HIPPA and FERPA compliant; data is also stored in an HL7 compliant format that allows for seamless integration with medical providers and state regulatory agencies. This all means doctors can update the medical status of a child, nurses can track the frequency of medicine dosages, and parents can review and approve medical profiles from the convenience of their home. These are a few of the many benefits that Caredox brings to IPS staff and parents. Further simplifying the process, Caredox provides an easy step-by-step video for parents on this exciting and time-saving capability. 

Have you enrolled your student in Caredox to make tracking his/her healthcare much easier? If not, why wait? Please contact your child’s school for more information or call 317.226.4000 or click here!