Washington Irving School 14 and Daniel Webster School 46 are both giving their students a look ahead at potential career paths this May.

On May 29 Washington Irving is partnering with Angie’s List to hold a Career Fair for fifth and sixth grade students. Students will rotate through stations representing different trade careers students don’t immediately think of as future job possibilities.

Debra DeCourcy, Vice President for Corporate Communications at Angie’s List, indicates they’ve “been talking to a number of service companies about how hard a time they’re having finding new, young employees.” She said, “There’s a ton of attention paid on getting kids into college, saving for college, studying for college. The hot jobs today are in tech or gaming. But there are a ton of other great – and lucrative – careers in the trades and a national shortage of young people to fill them.”

Plumbers, electricians, landscapers, painters—each station at the Career Fair will have a different trade, and each student will cycle to that station and learn about that job, what they do each day, what their hours are and what education or training is needed. The idea is to give students an inside look and some perspective on potential career paths they might not have considered.

May 27 marks the second year for Daniel Webster’s Career Day. “Students in grades five through eight will be rotating through stations where professionals will give them career information and advice about how to get into their fields (education required, skills and interests common for people choosing their career paths, etc.),” said Principal Karen Linn.

A variety of careers will be represented—medicine, law, advertising, firefighting, dental hygiene, welding and hair styling. The idea is to offer the range of options from four-year (and more) degrees to training and certification pathways. There’s one tweak from last year—more participation by women in different careers.

With so many different options, there’s something for every student. Daniel Webster is trying to send the message “everybody can do it,” said Sonnie Cox, Administrative Assistant and Career Day Co-Chair.

Keeping with that idea, while the students are learning potential careers, Daniel Webster community members can attend the Job Fair going on in the school gymnasium on May 29 from 10:10 a.m.-12:40 p.m. A number of companies like Holiday Inn Express, Menards and even an employment agency like WorkOne will be taking applications and giving interviews. Job seekerswill access to:

  • Free Internet access
  • Free printing of applications and resumes
  • Help filling out job paperwork
  • Advice regarding job interview dress and skills

Cox said, “We’re helping our families find jobs to better themselves and the community. We want everybody to be successful.”

We’re happy to see so many students and families in the IPS community getting the chance to explore the full range of career options available to them, and we’re proud of the schools and community partners who make it possible!