Recently, the hot button issue in the news has been ISTEP+. And while the test isn’t going away, it is getting tougher. That makes it even more important for students to be prepared.

Here is some advice from Indianapolis Public Schools principals on ways to prepare and encourage child(ren) as they start ISTEP+.

“Read, read, read and then have your child talk about what they have just read,” Paul I. Miller School 114 Principal Marjorie Lindeman said. “Parents read a page, and students read a page. Each person comes up with a detail they’ve read and talk about how it moves the theme of the story forward or why it is important.”

“One of my best tips is to make sure students are at school on time to eat breakfast,” Raymond F. Brandes School 65 Principal Lauren Johnson said. “If your child is taking ISTEP+ in the next few weeks, write them a note each day and put it in their book bag before they go to school. Keep it short, simple and encouraging.”

“We encourage our parents to have drama-free mornings and evenings at home,” Center for Inquiry School 84 Principal Chris Collier said. “We also give our students pep talks. ‘You can do this – just show what you know.’”

Whether it’s reading together, eating breakfast, getting eight hours of sleep or ensuring​ lives stay peaceful, we want all of our students prepared for the days of testing ahead.

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