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IPS Principal of the Year: Five Finalists Announced

At Clarence Farrington 61, Principal Jona Atkins works hard to support both teachers and staff in ensuring all students are challenged with high expectations and rigorous educational opportunities.  She has developed a positive school culture by leading from an equity mindset.  Ms. Atkins is a kind, caring, and compassionate principal.  Her open door policy promotes productive communication with all stakeholders.  She goes above and beyond to energize and build the capacity of teachers so they are able to fully engage all learners.  Her unwavering goal is for all student to achieve their personal best in a supportive learning environment.  

TEAM emphatically describes Principal Jeremy Baugh!  At Brookside Elementary School, Mr. Baugh prioritizes students by making sure he hires high quality staff that are student centered and highly skilled.  He plans with his instructional team and creates experiences to make school exciting for all students. Mr. Baugh makes sure his students’ needs are provided for, which has created a school-wide commitment to students.  He works to have a common language throughout the building.  Through Mr. Baugh’s collaboration with community partners, families, staff, and students, he communicates the school’s vision and mission to all stakeholders, anchors them in and makes them a part of the process of educating students.

Principal Tihesha Henderson is a principal who leads with integrity and passion. “Coach Henderson” is always working to identify how students at Arlington Woods Elementary can excel and be their personal best academically, physically, mentally, and socially. Mrs. Henderson is consistently coaching, training, and developing staff to ensure students have what they need in order to achieve their academic goals.  Ms. Henderson works with her team from start to finish by providing professional development opportunities, peers support, weekly coaching sessions, and team building exercises.  She values inclusivity and makes sure everyone has a voice and a seat at the table.

As the CFI #27 Principal and International Baccalaureate (IB) Facilitated Leader, Principal Brandi Herbert ensures that students are equipped with the skills to be “respectful life-long learners who use inquiry, critical thinking and problem-solving skills to be socially responsible contributors to a changing global society.”  She empowers both our staff and students to be advocates of change by using their voice or written expression.   Principal Herbert embraces diversity while ensuring that our staff and students are equipped with culturally responsive practices.  For our scholars who struggle with attendance and academics, she has worked with our Attendance Team to set up interventions and supports to build positive parent relationships.  She collaborates with staff to conduct home visits with families to ensure basic needs are being met.  Principal Herbert places strong value on academics and the social emotional learning of all learners.  Her whole child approach is inclusive of all scholars, staff, families, and community members.

Under Principal Ross Pippin’s leadership, Thomas Gregg Neighborhood School has established an environment that supports the whole child and whole family through two-generational supports, personalized learning and social emotional learning. This educational model has been paramount to the overall success of Thomas Gregg over the past four years. To Mr. Pippin, students and families come first and are the most critical stakeholders within the school community. He has a consistent track record of making decisions that put students first.  Additionally, Mr. Pippin recognizes the important role that the greater community plays in creating a successful school.  Therefore, he has established deep partnerships within the neighborhood that directly support families.  He has worked tirelessly to break through barriers to student achievement and to meet needs of students and families. Mr. Pippin is a leader that sets high expectations for all students and sets up structures within the school that allow students to reach their full potential.