Indianapolis Public Schools is thrilled to welcome our new and returning students for the 2015-2016 school year. There are so many reasons to be excited for the new year: Arlington Community High School returned to IPS from state takeover; our five Innovation Network Schools are serving families; work is already underway in our Transformation Zone schools; and we have a new Student Code of Conduct which clearly outlines expectations, rights and responsibilities for our students, families, and staff.

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The first day of school was filled with warm welcomes, reunions, and the excitement of meeting new friends and exploring new surroundings. The youngest students of our elementary schools are already learning the procedures for safety on the bus and in the halls, as well as how to navigate the cafeteria and the halls of our schools. Middle school students are getting acclimated to the independence that comes with our secondary grades, while our high school students learned their way around new surroundings and reconnected with their friends and teachers.
If you have any questions about what your student needs for school or other important information, please visit our Back to School page for the latest on our revised dress code, school supplies, and important dates to mark on your calendar.
We’re looking forward to an amazing year; thanks for being a part of the myIPS family!