On March 7, at noon, civic and religious leaders in Indianapolis are planning a commemorative march to mark the 50th Anniversary of the 1965 Selma March, when thousands walked from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama, for black voting rights, and Indianapolis Public Schools students, families and staff have been invited to participate.

The march will begin at Light of the World Christian Church. Following a brief program, it will then go five miles down Michigan Road to West Street, then to Capital Avenue to the steps of the Indiana Statehouse. It will conclude there with a 20-minute ceremony. The event will include churches, community leaders and the community at-large.

Rev. Dr. David Hampton of Light of the World Christian Church said, “We envision hundreds, even thousands marching peacefully to mark an unprecedented event in our city’s history, as well as an educational opportunity for our young scholars.”

We’re proud to have been asked to be part of such an exciting way to bring that civil rights history alive for students and community members alike. Joyce Kilmer School 69 plans for their 6th grade boys to participate, and we encourage as many as possible to join the march!