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IPS/IndyGo Transit Partnership Program Trial Run – May 27, 2021

Beginning with the 2021–22 school year, selected IPS high school students will transition to IndyGo as their primary mode of transportation to/from their school. 

Note: All families/students that are affected by this transition have already been notified of their status by their individual school.

This action is one of several measures IPS is taking to streamline district transportation, while maximizing funding so the current $15 million budget shortfall doesn’t negatively affect classrooms.

All IPS high school students have access to the IndyGo network as part of IPS Universal Transit Partnership Program using their school ID badge. If your student is currently utilizing their IndyGo pass, their badge will remain active until July 31, 2021. Service will continue ONLY for those students that will transition to IndyGo as their transportation to/from school, or those students that opt into the program. 

To support students that might not have taken advantage of the IndyGo transit pass program, we are encouraging ALL students that plan on using IndyGo next school year to join us in a trial run this Thursday, May 27, on their trip to or home from school. We have asked our Student Ambassadors to ride as well. 

IndyGo day passes will be available at each high school for parents/guardians who desire to ride with their student during the trial. Note: Only one day pass per parent/guardian.

An additional training day will be held in July prior to the start of the 2021-22 school year for students who will shift to IndyGo next school year. Details are forthcoming. 

Visit to confirm your student’s total trip time and preview their route to school.