Public Schools is calling on our community members to band together for a
solution-based discussion on the impact of violence in our schools and on our
students. News headlines remind us regularly that violent crime is a chronic
problem in our city, and IPS is ready to take action by facilitating thoughtful
discussions as we develop a task force to foster positive results in our


invited to the Community Conversation on Youth Violence this Thursday, April 7,
at 6 p.m. in New Era Church. Representatives from
IPS, IMPD, the faith-based community and other strong community partner
organizations will be present to engage in a panel discussion and breakout small-group
sessions to begin action immediately.


“We must all own the violence that is impacting our
youth,” Superintendent Dr. Lewis D. Ferebee said when he announced our district’s initiative
to build a community task force. “We must acknowledge that they are replicating
what they see. Now is not the time for finger pointing; now is the time to work
seriously and collaboratively on the issue. It is my hope that, as a community,
we will rally to build solutions to this urgent problem. In doing so, we will
all benefit for years to come.”


is the first step in a dedicated process to engage our community as we all
become part of the solution to the negative effects of violent crime on our
young people. Breakout sessions at the event will result in action items as our
task force is established and initial recommendations are made for the
direction of this active group. Events will continue throughout the spring and
summer to develop a strong plan regarding this important issue in our neighborhoods.


voice is vital to this conversation; please join us in this important effort! Click
to RSVP now.