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IPS Honors: Class of 2023

Each year, we celebrate the academic achievements of our top high school scholars. 

The graduating seniors with a 3.5 grade point average or higher are being recognized using the Latin honors system: Summa Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude and Cum Laude.

The Class of 2023 have worked hard and been diligent about their studies; let’s celebrate their dedication to education during this virtual ceremony. 

These students have also committed to their next step of development by either enrolling in a college/university or trade school, secured employment or enlisted in a military service. 

Students Being Honored

SchoolScholarLatin Honor Designation3 'E' Choice
Arsenal TechChristina NegashSumma Cum LaudeEnrolled
Arsenal TechGabriela Olvera-ContrerasSumma Cum LaudeEnrolled
Arsenal TechOluwanifemi MakanjuolaSumma Cum LaudeEnrolled
Arsenal TechYessenia FuentesSumma Cum LaudeEnrolled
Arsenal TechOlushina FawuyiSumma Cum LaudeEnrolled
Arsenal TechYassmin RomeroMagna Cum LaudeEnrolled
Arsenal TechAlondra Morales-GalanMagna Cum LaudeEnrolled
Arsenal TechJaniyah WoodsMagna Cum LaudeEnrolled
Arsenal TechPromise FombyMagna Cum LaudeEnrolled
Arsenal TechSarai Valles GinerMagna Cum LaudeEnrolled
Arsenal TechJazmine PimentelMagna Cum LaudeEnrolled
Arsenal TechAliyah StevensonMagna Cum LaudeEnrolled
Arsenal TechRayonna AndersonMagna Cum LaudeEnrolled
Arsenal TechAnthony GutierrezMagna Cum LaudeEnrolled
Arsenal TechElise RashidCum Laude
Arsenal TechDay Day EhCum LaudeEnrolled
Arsenal TechJa'Nyla JohnsonCum Laude
Arsenal TechJoel MoralesCum LaudeEnrolled
Arsenal TechJuliet BonillaCum LaudeEnrolled
Arsenal TechGabriela Lizzette Miranda MartinezeCum LaudeEnrolled
Arsenal TechAmire KinartailCum LaudeEnrolled
Arsenal TechJennifer Rodriguez-ArguelloCum LaudeEnrolled
Arsenal TechRachelle EstradaCum LaudeEnrolled
Arsenal TechAndrea Lopez FigueroaCum LaudeEnrolled
Crispus AttucksNatalie ArchilaCum LaudeEnrolled
Crispus AttucksDina Elizabeth ArchuletaCum LaudeEnrolled
Crispus AttucksAbril J. ArteagaCum LaudeEnrolled
Crispus AttucksIsaac G. BasilioCum LaudeEnrolled
Crispus AttucksEsmeralda Cerrillo VidanaCum LaudeEmployed
Crispus AttucksArtianna L. CollierCum LaudeEnrolled
Crispus AttucksSade Unique DanielsCum LaudeEnrolled
Crispus AttucksDeandre EdelenCum LaudeEmployed
Crispus AttucksAaliyah FlemingCum LaudeEnrolled
Crispus AttucksElena Garcia-GonzalezCum Laude
Crispus AttucksCasie Y. HernandezCum LaudeEnrolled
Crispus AttucksJasmine Monique HoopingarnerCum LaudeEmployed
Crispus AttucksMichelle MartinezCum LaudeEnrolled
Crispus AttucksNyota Abedi MauriceCum LaudeEnrolled
Crispus AttucksJemylah Marie McGrawCum LaudeEnrolled
Crispus AttucksTerria NashCum LaudeEnrolled
Crispus AttucksJoseph NtireganyaCum LaudeEnrolled
Crispus AttucksBrayana Tenere PeacockCum LaudeEnrolled
Crispus AttucksDiana Stephanie Peralta GonzálezCum LaudeEnrolled
Crispus AttucksDionna L. SandersCum LaudeEnrolled
Crispus AttucksJoselyn Sandoval VenegasCum LaudeEnrolled
Crispus AttucksKevin A. VieraCum LaudeEnrolled
Crispus AttucksBrigith AriasMagna Cum LaudeEnlisted
Crispus AttucksRocio R. CastanedaMagna Cum LaudeEnrolled
Crispus AttucksArne’ya Michelle CollierMagna Cum LaudeEnrolled
Crispus AttucksDanielle DiazMagna Cum LaudeEnrolled
Crispus AttucksMaide FloresMagna Cum LaudeEnrolled
Crispus AttucksAndrea Grana HernandezMagna Cum LaudeEnrolled
Crispus AttucksPatzy A. Herrera-MartinezMagna Cum LaudeEnrolled
Crispus AttucksJoshelle Charaé HumphreyMagna Cum LaudeEnrolled
Crispus AttucksWhitney MilbrooksMagna Cum LaudeEnrolled
Crispus AttucksMiala OffettMagna Cum LaudeEnrolled
Crispus AttucksBetsabe OrtizMagna Cum LaudeEnrolled
Crispus AttucksAntoinette PirtleMagna Cum LaudeEnrolled
Crispus AttucksMiasia C. PrattMagna Cum LaudeEnrolled
Crispus AttucksRosalinda TrejoMagna Cum LaudeEnrolled
Crispus AttucksKiara B. WilliamsMagna Cum LaudeEnrolled
Crispus AttucksMustapha C. WilliamsMagna Cum LaudeEnlisted
Crispus AttucksLizy Daniela Argueta PinedaSumma Cum LaudeEnrolled
Crispus AttucksAlexa N. CastilloSumma Cum LaudeEnrolled
Crispus AttucksRashyiia Che’nae D’avia ClemmonsSumma Cum LaudeEnrolled
Crispus AttucksAlycia Marie HurtadoSumma Cum LaudeEnrolled
Crispus AttucksKamri Aliyah MorrisSumma Cum LaudeEnrolled
Crispus AttucksJayia Taniece ParkerSumma Cum LaudeEnrolled
Crispus AttucksCiarra Vonshay SearcySumma Cum LaudeEnrolled
Crispus AttucksCiara Catrice ValentineSumma Cum LaudeEnrolled
Crispus AttucksKierra WilliamsSumma Cum LaudeEnrolled
ShortridgeAna BardonSumma Cum LaudeEnrolled
ShortridgeCarl BravataSumma Cum LaudeEnrolled
ShortridgeNatalie CarlsonSumma Cum LaudeEnrolled
ShortridgeEmma SzalkieSumma Cum LaudeEnrolled
ShortridgeLouisa KingSumma Cum LaudeEnrolled
ShortridgeAmelia AlfordSumma Cum LaudeEnrolled
ShortridgeAspen AndersonSumma Cum LaudeEnrolled
ShortridgeAlice PickettSumma Cum LaudeEnrolled
ShortridgeJosefina SalinasSumma Cum LaudeEnrolled
ShortridgeElena ThomasSumma Cum LaudeEnrolled
ShortridgeAbigail WhitakerSumma Cum LaudeEnrolled
ShortridgeJocabed Montes De OcaSumma Cum LaudeEnrolled
ShortridgeKasey Lopez-BarriosSumma Cum LaudeEnrolled
ShortridgeElizabeth TruittSumma Cum LaudeEnrolled
ShortridgeNubian MckeeSumma Cum LaudeEnrolled
ShortridgeMi-Corazon RichmeSumma Cum LaudeEnrolled
ShortridgeGabrielle JonesSumma Cum Laude
ShortridgeOscar FisherkellerSumma Cum LaudeEnrolled
ShortridgeGabrielle SellersSumma Cum LaudeEnrolled
ShortridgeElla McelroySumma Cum LaudeEnrolled
ShortridgeOlivia TerrellSumma Cum LaudeEnrolled
ShortridgeMaria VeceraSumma Cum Laude
ShortridgeDiana Athenea BarreraSumma Cum LaudeEnrolled
ShortridgeSebastian GlassSumma Cum LaudeEnrolled
ShortridgePepe AvilaSumma Cum LaudeEnrolled
ShortridgeArely GarciaSumma Cum LaudeEnrolled
ShortridgeEthan PowellSumma Cum LaudeEnrolled
ShortridgeDaijzon JacksonSumma Cum Laude
ShortridgeBrendan Super-QuintanaSumma Cum Laude
ShortridgeJada SwearenginSumma Cum Laude
ShortridgeAmari WilkersonMagna Cum LaudeEnrolled
ShortridgeJaneice HudsonMagna Cum Laude
ShortridgeXavier NtamereMagna Cum LaudeEnrolled
ShortridgeCarolina Juarez TurciosMagna Cum Laude
ShortridgeAlan JimenezMagna Cum LaudeEnrolled
ShortridgeThomas MooreMagna Cum Laude
ShortridgeJuan BarcenasMagna Cum LaudeEnrolled
ShortridgeAlonso PalmeroMagna Cum LaudeEnrolled
ShortridgeDamonte JacksonMagna Cum Laude
ShortridgeYanitza Solis-AngelesMagna Cum LaudeEnrolled
ShortridgeKe'Larrah ChapmanMagna Cum LaudeEnrolled
ShortridgeJazin MarshallMagna Cum LaudeEnrolled
ShortridgeCody Frost SidersCum Laude
ShortridgeSarah BradleyCum LaudeEnrolled
ShortridgeFatima De La GarzaCum Laude
ShortridgeBrutnie Saint-MonteCum LaudeEnrolled
ShortridgeKatie TorresCum LaudeEnrolled
ShortridgeOscar GualajaraCum LaudeEnrolled
ShortridgeOsvaldo GuerreroCum Laude
Purdue Polytechnic High SchoolAsia CrabtreeCum LaudeEnrolled
Purdue Polytechnic High SchoolJordan RangCum LaudeEnrolled
Purdue Polytechnic High SchoolLeslie Olivares - VidalCum LaudeEnrolled
Purdue Polytechnic High SchoolJacheim HutchinsonCum LaudeEnrolled
Purdue Polytechnic High SchoolAlden Combs IIICum LaudeEnrolled
Purdue Polytechnic High SchoolHaley CareyCum LaudeEnrolled
Purdue Polytechnic High SchoolJonathan Gils - VilesCum LaudeEnrolled
Purdue Polytechnic High SchoolAdam BartleyCum LaudeEnrolled
Purdue Polytechnic High SchoolNoah SmithCum LaudeEnrolled
Purdue Polytechnic High SchoolFrance TokachCum LaudeEnrolled
Purdue Polytechnic High SchoolLonzell MobleyCum LaudeEnrolled
Purdue Polytechnic High SchoolNakiah SmithCum LaudeEnrolled
Purdue Polytechnic High SchoolSunni Dickerson - HillCum LaudeEnrolled
Purdue Polytechnic High SchoolNathaniel RuminskiCum LaudeEnrolled
Purdue Polytechnic High SchoolSpencer ArmstrongMagna Cum LaudeEnrolled
Purdue Polytechnic High SchoolStephen TunstillMagna Cum LaudeEmployed
Purdue Polytechnic High SchoolEris WilliamsMagna Cum LaudeEnrolled
Purdue Polytechnic High SchoolJose Quintana - MontoyaMagna Cum LaudeEnrolled
Purdue Polytechnic High SchoolTristan WilcherMagna Cum LaudeEnrolled
Purdue Polytechnic High SchoolHaleigh BarryMagna Cum LaudeEnrolled
George WashingtonJa'Kyra LittSumma Cum LaudeEnrolled
George WashingtonAisha AhmedSumma Cum LaudeEnrolled
George WashingtonSweet PateCum LaudeEnrolled
George WashingtonDanielle Van NormanCum LaudeEnrolled
George WashingtonGiovanna GarciaCum LaudeEnrolled
George WashingtonKevin WilliamsCum LaudeEnrolled
George WashingtonAdrianna JonesCum LaudeEnrolled
George WashingtonTesla Rodriguez AntunezCum LaudeEnrolled
KIPP Indy Legacy HighTaylor JacksonSumma Cum LaudeEnrolled
KIPP Indy Legacy HighJahdyn HaynesSumma Cum LaudeEnrolled
KIPP Indy Legacy HighAmaris BurrellSumma Cum LaudeEnrolled
KIPP Indy Legacy HighKenidi AytchSumma Cum LaudeEnrolled
KIPP Indy Legacy HighCaleb RobertsSumma Cum LaudeEnrolled
KIPP Indy Legacy HighAdrian McNealSumma Cum LaudeEnrolled
KIPP Indy Legacy HighDalioanna JonesSumma Cum LaudeEnrolled
KIPP Indy Legacy HighKeyshon AbronMagna Cum LaudeEnrolled
KIPP Indy Legacy HighArianna JenkinsMagna Cum LaudeEnrolled
KIPP Indy Legacy HighRakiya ScaifeMagna Cum LaudeEnrolled
KIPP Indy Legacy HighDion'ta BaconMagna Cum LaudeEnrolled
KIPP Indy Legacy HighFaith BaskinMagna Cum LaudeEnrolled
KIPP Indy Legacy HighJared JohnsonMagna Cum LaudeEnrolled
KIPP Indy Legacy HighAllen WrightCum LaudeEnrolled
KIPP Indy Legacy HighTerrell ThomasCum LaudeEnrolled
KIPP Indy Legacy HighTyshawn JenkinsCum LaudeEnrolled
Simon Youth AcademyCatalina DimasMagna Cum LaudeEmployed