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IPS Honors: Class of 2022

Each year, we celebrate the academic achievements of our top high school scholars. 

The graduating seniors with a 3.5 grade point average or higher are being recognized using the Latin honors system: Summa Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude and Cum Laude.

The Class of 2022 have worked hard and been diligent about their studies; let’s celebrate their dedication to education during this virtual ceremony. 

These students have also committed to their next step of development by either enrolling in a college/university or trade school, secured employment or enlisted in a military service. 

Students Being Honored

Arsenal TechElizabeth Z ChewSumma Cum LaudeEnrollment
Arsenal TechHeera BibiSumma Cum LaudeEnrollment
Arsenal TechJordan ReedSumma Cum LaudeEnrollment
Arsenal TechMawrina H MisginaSumma Cum LaudeEnrollment
Arsenal TechRae’Yana D BrewerSumma Cum LaudeEnrollment
Arsenal TechSyleena R MilesSumma Cum LaudeEnrollment
Arsenal TechTyler TavarezSumma Cum LaudeEnrollment
Arsenal TechJi Bing NiMagna Cum LaudeEnrollment
Arsenal TechDemaris WilliamsonMagna Cum LaudeEnrollment
Arsenal TechIvette CasimiroMagna Cum LaudeEnrollment
Arsenal TechStephanie Abigail RamirezMagna Cum LaudeEnrollment
Arsenal TechAaliyah BarnettMagna Cum LaudeEnrollment
Arsenal TechMaria Y. Sarmiento-HerreraMagna Cum LaudeEnrollment
Arsenal TechSuemi Gomez CruzMagna Cum LaudeEnrollment
Arsenal TechI’Mani M IngramMagna Cum LaudeEnrollment
Arsenal TechBrenda Ramos-LeonMagna Cum LaudeEnrollment
Arsenal TechSaira J BonillaMagna Cum LaudeEnrollment
Arsenal TechMariana R DediosMagna Cum LaudeEnrollment
Arsenal TechKarla Martinez-ArcosMagna Cum LaudeEnrollment
Arsenal TechEmily N VelezMagna Cum LaudeEnrollment
Arsenal TechMonaee’ Michelle NunleyMagna Cum LaudeEnrollment
Arsenal TechDavid AnteleMagna Cum LaudeEnrollment
Arsenal TechSaul RodriguezMagna Cum LaudeEnrollment
Arsenal TechPernell RogersMagna Cum LaudeEnrollment
Arsenal TechJulia R DossCum LaudeEnrollment
Arsenal TechEmily Perez-BeltranCum LaudeEnrollment
Arsenal TechFelipe Alonzo Alonso TapiaCum LaudeEnrollment
Arsenal TechKatherine R BlackmonCum LaudeEnrollment
Arsenal TechKiya Shanae JohnsonCum LaudeEnrollment
Arsenal TechColin P Mojica-RodriguezCum LaudeEnrollment
Arsenal TechJoshua J NealyCum LaudeEnrollment
Arsenal TechGenesis MartinezCum LaudeEnrollment
Arsenal TechRamon VelazquezCum LaudeEnrollment
Arsenal TechJaylen GrimesCum LaudeEnrollment
Arsenal TechJessilyn D ShearerCum LaudeEnrollment
Arsenal TechVeronica WalkerCum LaudeEnrollment
Arsenal TechAmijah YoungCum LaudeEnrollment
Arsenal TechKeylona Y AndrewsCum LaudeEnrollment
Arsenal TechDylan DaehlerCum LaudeEnrollment
Arsenal TechMaria AkweraCum LaudeEnrollment
Arsenal TechMohammed Khalil AboshaarCum LaudeEmployment
Arsenal TechEliza Esther CastilloCum LaudeEnlistment
Arsenal TechJuan A SantiagoCum LaudeEnlistment
Arsenal TechDiana Garcia-BrisenoSumma Cum LaudeEmployment
Arsenal TechDavid PerezMagna Cum LaudeEmployment
Crispus AttucksJavier Briones AguilarCum LaudeEnrollment
Crispus AttucksAlexandra Belen Mendoza GuerreroCum LaudeEnrollment
Crispus AttucksJa-Niya T. PorterCum LaudeEnrollment
Crispus AttucksRosemery Rivera AgostoCum LaudeEnrollment
Crispus AttucksMatthew StockdaleCum LaudeEnrollment
Crispus AttucksShyanne L. VaughnCum LaudeEnrollment
Crispus AttucksFrida S. De LeonMagna Cum LaudeEnrollment
Crispus AttucksMariela Gonzalez-ValdezMagna Cum LaudeEnrollment
Crispus AttucksDonnyale HawkinsMagna Cum LaudeEnrollment
Crispus AttucksYulissa JimenezMagna Cum LaudeEnrollment
Crispus AttucksKadidiatou KeitaMagna Cum LaudeEnrollment
Crispus AttucksKimberly Lugo-EspinozaMagna Cum LaudeEnrollment
Crispus AttucksElias Enmanuel MartinezMagna Cum LaudeEnrollment
Crispus AttucksJae’Sha R. SmithMagna Cum LaudeEnrollment
Crispus AttucksJonnasia T. SmithsonMagna Cum LaudeEnrollment
Crispus AttucksDayana M. Contreras-LopezSumma Cum LaudeEnrollment
Crispus AttucksMueenat Omotola EgbeyemiSumma Cum LaudeEnrollment
Crispus AttucksKenasia S. HoodSumma Cum LaudeEnrollment
Crispus AttucksDiana E. HuescaSumma Cum LaudeEnrollment
Crispus AttucksGinysha J. LewisSumma Cum LaudeEnrollment
Crispus AttucksSymone J. LoveSumma Cum LaudeEnrollment
Crispus AttucksWillie M. MaysSumma Cum LaudeEnrollment
Crispus AttucksAmaiya A. MorrisSumma Cum LaudeEnrollment
Crispus AttucksJacqueline Rodriguez-MezaSumma Cum LaudeEnrollment
George WashingtonEmily G. Baca-StewartMagna Cum LaudeEnrollment
George WashingtonOmowunmi AdebayoMagna Cum LaudeEnrollment
George WashingtonAmonn W. BurnsMagna Cum LaudeEnrollment
George WashingtonOluwarotimi QuadriMagna Cum LaudeEnrollment
George WashingtonHector GonzalezCum LaudeEnrollment
George WashingtonArturo S. RiveraCum LaudeEnrollment
George WashingtonLandon FrenchCum LaudeEnrollment
George WashingtonMaria F. AmayaCum LaudeEnrollment
George WashingtonNea J. MagloireCum LaudeEnrollment
George WashingtonJosue OsorioCum LaudeEnrollment
George WashingtonRoselyn Esquivel SalinasCum LaudeEnrollment
George WashingtonBryant G. GilchristCum LaudeEnrollment
George WashingtonGavin M. CromerSumma Cum LaudeEnlistment
Purdue PolyJimena Avalos-HernandezCumEnrollment
Purdue PolyCydney BassettCumEnrollment
Purdue PolyJaylen DeWaldCumEnrollment
Purdue PolyJoshua HawkinsCumEnrollment
Purdue PolyDaisha LasleyCumEnrollment
Purdue PolyElaina LongardCumEnrollment
Purdue PolyTaylor LoveCumEnrollment
Purdue PolyMarco Montejo-MojarrazCumEnrollment
Purdue PolyAmbrea RobinsonCumEnrollment
Purdue PolyAdriana SanchezCumEnrollment
Purdue PolyDeonna SandersCumEnrollment
Purdue PolyAubrie BibbMagna CumEnrollment
Purdue PolyGrecia Castillo-GonzalezMagna CumEnrollment
Purdue PolyAmara ChukwuochaMagna CumEnrollment
Purdue PolySteven EstesMagna CumEnrollment
Purdue PolyJosue Garcia-CruzMagna CumEnrollment
Purdue PolyWesley LanceMagna CumEnrollment
Purdue PolyRaymond LewisMagna CumEnrollment
Purdue PolyTimo MatisMagna CumEnrollment
Purdue PolyAlan MedinaMagna CumEnrollment
Purdue PolyJeremiah SweenySumma CumEnrollment
ShortridgeTatyana BeaulieuCum LaudeEnrollment
ShortridgeAyanna ButlerCum LaudeEnrollment
ShortridgeJeancarlo CordovaCum LaudeEnrollment
ShortridgeTekhia CoxCum LaudeEnrollment
ShortridgeAndrea HoltCum LaudeEnrollment
ShortridgeLeslie MagallanesCum LaudeEnrollment
ShortridgeLelsy TorresCum LaudeEnrollment
ShortridgeMarnus CombrinckMagna Cum LaudeEnrollment
ShortridgeAnaiyah JohnsonMagna Cum LaudeEnrollment
ShortridgeJalynn KnightMagna Cum LaudeEnrollment
ShortridgeRiver SoutherlandMagna Cum LaudeEnrollment
ShortridgeKaleb WhitlowMagna Cum LaudeEnrollment
ShortridgeGregory AyrisSumma Cum LaudeEnrollment
ShortridgeIsabelle GlassSumma Cum LaudeEnrollment
ShortridgeMary Jane HartSumma Cum LaudeEnrollment
ShortridgeKyle HawverSumma Cum LaudeEnrollment
ShortridgeAny Juarez-LemusSumma Cum LaudeEnrollment
ShortridgeCelia KatnerSumma Cum LaudeEnrollment
ShortridgeCole LangstonSumma Cum LaudeEnrollment
ShortridgeAnna McNeelySumma Cum LaudeEnrollment
ShortridgeKhanae MillerSumma Cum LaudeEnrollment
ShortridgeElizabeth PerkinsSumma Cum LaudeEnrollment
ShortridgeShawn PylesSumma Cum LaudeEnrollment
ShortridgeDamar SiskSumma Cum LaudeEnrollment
ShortridgeNevaeh SmithSumma Cum LaudeEnrollment
ShortridgeAlessandro SosaSumma Cum LaudeEnrollment
ShortridgeMang Hnem TialSumma Cum LaudeEnrollment
ShortridgeAllan WilliamsSumma Cum LaudeEnrollment
ShortridgeJacquelyn WilliamsSumma Cum LaudeEnrollment
ShortridgeEva WojciechowskiSumma Cum LaudeEnrollment
ShortridgeBrenna YoungSumma Cum LaudeEnrollment