September 7, 2017

The Indianapolis Public Schools Board of School Commissioners will hold a Special Called Meeting on Monday, September 18, at 6 p.m., at the John Morton-Finney Center for Educational Services, 120 E. Walnut St., to vote on the Administration’s recommendation to reinvent IPS high schools.

The September 18 meeting will be the capstone of nearly six months of community engagement. Since April 2017, the Board and district leaders have hosted several input sessions – 25 community, student and staff meetings – that have included extensive two-way communication, received more than 3000 comments (incorporating online feedback), and informed more than 4,000 people on the recommendation.

IPS has been intentional about sharing details from the taskforce recommendation. Engagement sessions included an overview of the taskforce report, an opportunity for questions and answers, and commissioners listened to feedback and suggestions. Recaps of all district engagement and an additional place for feedback is located online at

In addition to the 25 sessions, the Board has hosted public forums ahead of its regularly scheduled meetings in July and August at those schools that are recommended for closure or conversion.

The Board has now concluded the input phase of the process and as a result will NOT be accepting any further public comment at the September 18 Special Called Meeting. The public is invited to attend and listen as each commissioner shares remarks about the recommendation and casts their vote. The public is welcomed to comment on the vote at the regularly scheduled Board meetings on September 26 and 28.