Indianapolis Public Schools is committed to offering stellar education not just to our students, but to our families as well. Many IPS locations offer families great financial education opportunities.
Agnes Shelton, Parental Involvement Educator at James Whitcomb Riley School 43, said she plans to offer family financial workshops in partnership with PNC Bank. “We will hopefully be having these workshops in late March or early April. The focus would be wise money management—making your money go farther and being able to save. We would also be touching on the Cash for College programs,” Shelton said.
Nelson Silva, a pastor with the Seventh-day Adventist Church and former IPS employee, is partnering with Daniel Webster School 46 to offer “Financial Peace University,” a financial education course written by entrepreneur Dave Ramsey. Silva is three weeks into leading the nine-week course.
Silva, a one-time business major himself who now combines his business passion with his service focus, said such programs are of huge importance to families. “Courses like this help individuals realize they work too hard to be broke. This gives them hope that with a few changes in their life, in their budget, in their way of thinking, they can set and achieve goals.”
Setting goals is the focus at Cold Spring School as well. On January 29, Cold Spring is offering a Parent Academic Support session where presenters from CollegeChoice529, Teacher’s Credit Union and Learn More Indiana will help families learn about college saving.
Principal Karen Hastings of Washington Irving School 14 said that representatives from JPMorgan Chase Bank conducted a financial planning seminar in their school back in the fall for staff and families. “Chase provided in-depth knowledge, a basic budget workbook and insight about why you should use a budget, creating your budget, managing your budget and debt. It was very helpful not only for my families but to myself and my staff!” Hastings said.

William Patterson, whose 2nd grade granddaughter attends Washington Irving, really appreciated the seminar. “They tried to be specific and talk in terms you could understand,” he said. They gave him good ideas on how to stretch his check out each month.

“Things like this can really help people out,” he continued. “Things are tight and people can learn how to save money and help out themselves, their students and their schools. You aren’t alone.”

Whether these courses cover basic financial information or the complexities of career and college planning, IPS is proud to collaborate with financial partners to help our families and staff achieve their financial goals. This kind of education that can empower our whole community!