Museum and university
planetarium directors, programmers, operators and our very own Gail Schwoebel
of Arsenal Tech High School joined together at the 2015 Digistar Users Group
Conference in Salt Lake City August 13-14.

The Digistar Users Group (DUG)
provides a forum for discussion and exchange of information concerning the
Digistar digital planetarium systems. “We are
the only central Indiana school corporation that utilizes this totally digital
planetarium theater,” said Schwoebel.

Schwoebel will be one of the
presenters and will share portions of the planetarium program she has created. 

  • In the first portion of her
    presentation, Schwoebel will share her second grade program with her audience,
    taking them on a journey into the stars, allowing them to “observe the earth
    rotating, day and night, in various time zones around the world.”
  • The second portion applies
    to a varied crowd of elementary to high school students, allowing them to see
    the phases of the moon from earth’s perspective and from space.
  • The third answers the
    question of why we don’t have a solar eclipse every time there is a new moon.

In addition to networking,
Schwoebel plans to use the classes and presentations to “expand my programming
knowledge base.” Before the DUG Conference began, attendees were able to attend
training sessions to learn how to add special effects and how to make programming
more efficient for users.