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IPS Foundation Relaunches the Education Equity Fund: Affirming the Commitment to Addressing Educational Disparities

Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) Foundation is relaunching its pandemic-prompted Education Equity Fund, affirming the organization’s commitment to combatting educational inequity throughout the district.

Since its launch in 2020, the Education Equity Fund has secured $1 million and awarded more than $656,000 in grants to IPS schools to address the immediate needs and disparities of students and their families, as well as teachers and staff.

“The initial focus of the Education Equity Fund was to provide rapid response funding to students, educators and the district as a result of the pandemic and the eventual return to in-person learning,” said Stephannie Bailey, chief executive officer of the IPS Foundation.

“Thanks to the generosity of our community, we were able to meet the needs of thousands of students and hundreds of teachers,” she said. “It’s time to transition our focus to what the students and educators need today. The relaunch of the Fund is a promise to the future of every IPS student.”

From within the Education Equity Fund, the IPS Foundation team designated grants for educators to be used toward projects and programs that addressed the rapid and immediate needs of students and families.

Dr. Aleesia Johnson, superintendent of IPS, believes the Fund has been a key tool as IPS works to improve the district.

“As we continue to navigate today’s educational landscape while providing high quality public education for all students, the work of the IPS Foundation and the Education Equity Fund makes a significant impact in securing essential resources for teachers and enrichment opportunities for students.”

As the effects of the pandemic continue to shift, so too have the needs of IPS students and educators. In response to these changes, the IPS Foundation worked to redefine the purpose and focus of the Education Equity Fund, as well as the impact of grants.

A culmination of these changes and the IPS Foundation’s steadfast commitment to combat educational inequities and disperse funds directly to IPS schools and programs ultimately led to the relaunch of the Education Equity Fund.

Gifs from corporations, foundations, organizations, and community members to the Education Equity Fund will support students and educators across the IPS district. These commitments ensure the flexible funding necessary to provide essential resources, nurture overall wellbeing, and offer enrichment opportunities to students and educators. Through the Education Equity Fund, every IPS student can have an equitable and excellent educational experience.

Education Equity Fund gifts will further help fund all qualified Accelerator Grant requests from educators and student groups so the IPS Foundation can fulfill its promise of working toward a reality in which every student has what they need, when they need it, and where they need it.

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